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Force damage isn't "striking" or "hitting" damage (that would be bludgeoning damage), instead, it is pure magical energy. SirSprinkles (talk) 03:20, 12 February 2017 (MST)


I changed the multiclassing requirements to either or because the proficiencies gained via multiclassing isn't a lot and the class isn't heavily reliant on constitution as it's hit die is a d8. --nothing0emty (talk) 20:14, 6 Feb 2023 (HST)

So, I really like this custom class and the idea behind it. However, a few things seem a bit overly strong (namely the Multi-Attack and all the potential damage/effects behind Supersonic Punch). Anyone happen to have any ideas to bring them in line more? Or is the fact that Surge points only refill on Long Rest like spell slots generally considered a balancing factor? (In which case, I have to wonder about the sheer amount of Surge point gain. At least early. Doing 34 damage and making a target prone in one hit, or attacking potentially 5 times with a Rapier in one turn can be a bit over the top).

I'm afraid a good portion of this class doesn't work because of a lack of information.
"Time Phantoms (Revenants)".
"Your next hit is classed as a critical hit and the enemy has to make a strength save or be nocked prone."
"Provided you have the movement speed and space to move, you may attack every enemy within a 5ft radius of another enemy."
"spend your reaction to dodge a visible attack made against you. you can spend a surge to dodge another attack made by the creature. "
"cast the Lightning Arrow spell (3rdlevel)"
Marasmusine (talk) 10:30, 8 June 2017 (UTC)
I noticed Marasmusine got asked to review some things and it peaked my interest. Hopefully my comments/concerns aren't minded. (and I got the right one being reviewed)
  • Speed Boost-gives a lot of speed while wearing armor? I won't argue a speedster being faster than the monk, but in armor too? I'd also recommend a more smooth progression. Every 4 levels the amount increases by 5. You still have +40 movement at level 20 (level 19 to be exact :). In regards to doubling your roll for initiative, how about getting advantage instead? Double a 15 makes 30, +Dex. You could double your Dex modifier if you want a more consistent theme with this feature.
  • Bonus Dash-this gets confusing fast. I'd say don't separate the uses between short and long. Keep it as one. Add level 16 as an in between giving 4 uses per short or long rest and then just 5 for level 20.
  • Special Attack-Surge point help this action economy but there are still some issues with the attacks themselves.
  • Multi Attack-I don't like random. I'd rather there be a formula or chart say how many attacks you get. May have to remove Extra Attack class feature to make it work.
  • Speed Mirage-Not an attack, maybe work into a separate class feature? Otherwise I like it, how long does it last though? Just until you are hit?
  • Gang Buster-Neat idea, just gives a level 3 character a chance to make 8 attacks. I understand wanting to dash between enemies and strike them, but needs balance.
  • Supersonic Strike-Another nice idea. Scaling damage is nice. What's the DC for the strength save? Also, is it suppose to be if your attack hits or does this attack hit no matter what? If the latter, that's too powerful.
  • Speed Dodge-Spend surge and an attacks just miss? How about gain +3 AC like the gladiator when the riposte an attack? I know surge points help keep this from happening all the time but still, you could dodge 46 times and still be a darn good fighter.
  • Create Vortexes-What's the DC for the saving throw?
  • Speed Boost-Clarity why its mentioned multiple times. If its because the ability scales, list the improvements in the original description and place appropriately on the Speedster Table.
  • Miracle Run-I get the idea but verbiage could be better for clarity.
  • Charge-Standard action maybe? Doing this coupled with special attack is pretty good. Caster level?
  • Throw Lightning-See, action to do this. :) What caster level?
  • Rewind-What stats are used for Time Phantom (Revenant)?
  • Time travel-Should there be Time Phantom (revenant) for this too? Going back in time again.
Hopefully this helps BigShotFancyMan (talk) 12:38, 10 September 2017 (MDT)
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