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3rd-level Conjuration
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Components: V, S, M (silver-laced clay worth 50 gp, which the spell consumes)
Duration: Instantaneous

A random object forms in your hand. This could be a single boot, a lich's soul, or a magic item. Your DM can decide what you receive, or you can roll on the following table. All objects are from somewhere, and in many cases will be missed by their owner (who may come looking). Some items are cursed: use the rules for cursed items in the DMG.

d100 1–6
1 a bookmark
2 a button
3 a nail file
4 a dental mirror
5 a toy duck
6 a pair of sunglasses
7 a bouquet of fake flowers
8 a clothes hanger
9 a bottle of perfume
10 a plate
11 a metal spring
12 a banana
13 a shawl
14 a mouse
15 a shoelace
16 a large hot meal
17 a fork
18 a pair of manacles
19 a bar of soap
20 a mug of coffee
21 a stage dagger
22 a horseshoe
23 a gnome corpse
24 a silver circlet
25 a small bronze statue of a dwarf
26 a pair of leather gloves
27 a small bag filled with pain numbing herbs
28 a jar filled with water
29 a vial of fake poison
30 a backpack filled with 50ft of hemp robe
31 a decomposed corpse of a small mammal
32 10 lb. or 10 rations of jerky
33 a well carved personal chest that is 8 inches by 4 inches
34 a 100lb barrel of oats
35 a dart
36 a crossbow bolt
37 2 two-person tents
38 an arcane focus
39 a fancy red wizard robe
40 a bag with 10 pieces of platinum inside
41 the key to a duke's cellar
42 a celestial globe
43 the death mask of an ancient queen
44 the deed to a tavern
45 a chief priest's holy symbol
46 the mandate of a god
47 the scandalous diary of a noble's concubine
48 the axe that executed a martyr
49 an extinct insect-bird encased in amber
50 a key that opens the last lock you couldn't open
51 a book that contents change languages whenever opened
52 a piece of paper with an IOU to a random noble
53 a belt that sheds a bright light 5ft around it and dim light another 5ft
54 a blue dragon's scale
55 a unicorn horn
56 a crystal ball that only has a faint magical properties
57 a pillow that makes whoever willingly lays on it fall immediately fall unconscious
58 a gray ooze that follows the caster but does not understand it
59 a bottle that can hold 10 gallons of liquid, the liquid fills it up at a reduced rate, if it has 5 gallons in it the bottle is only half full
60 a suit of charged armor
61 a charged weapon
62 a charged wand
63 a boots of levitation
64 a potion of healing
65 a ring of mind shielding
66 a lantern of revealing
67 a potion of clairvoyance
68 a pair of gloves of swimming and climbing
69 A wand that cast moonbeam 4 times and recharges 1d4 charges at dawn. The spell can only be cast by saying its key word moon in Celestial.
70 What appears to be and shows the same magical signs as a staff of the magi unless identify is used, upon use of this staff of the magi you take 6d8 psychic damage and 4d8 force damage.
71 a ornate flute that when played makes ear shrieking sounds instead of regular sounds
72 a ornate silver longsword with a large hidden crack in the metal of the blade
73 a piece of parchment with the word "Something" written on it
74 a small glass figurine of the caster, whoever holds the figurine can whisper it anything and the corresponding person will say the same thing
75 a lock with a key that fits, but when the lock is locked it can not come unlocked, also the lock has an AC of 14 and 20 hit points
76 10 cursed copper coins. Each time you cast a spell of 5th level or higher, you gain 10 more cursed copper coins. If you spend copper coins, give them away or dispose of them, they return to your possession in 1 minute. Items or services fully or partially purchased with cursed coins will break, be lost, be inadequate or otherwise be malformed.
77 A large red ruby with an inner pulsing fire. The ruby explodes when it is touched by 2 different creatures dealing 8d6 fire damage with a DC 15 Dexterity check to take half damage to everyone within 10ft of the ruby.
78 nothing appears to happen, but all creatures within 1 mile of you are aware of your presence
79 a irate stone golem
80 a pair of skull earrings which require attunement which give resistance to neurotic damage
81 A straw doll that is a crude likeness of a random creature with 30 feet. The doll has AC 10 and 5 hit points. Damage dealt to the doll is also dealt to the creature it is a likeness of, but magical healing received by the doll is received by that creature as well. The doll ceases to function in this way when it is reduced to 0 hit points.
82 a gnarled spruce branch that can be used to druidcraft
83 a blank gray mask that makes the user temporarily blinded when the user puts it on, but gives them blindsight for 60ft
84 a blanket that makes the user immune to the effects of cold weather
85 a cape that makes the user have advantage against being frightened, but gives them disadvantage against being charmed
86 a pair of boots that prevents the wearer from being moved(shove, wind, ect.) from any effect
87 a folding boat
88 a regular looking jar on the outside with a black bottom that makes items that fall past the blackness to disappear into the void
89 a periapt of health
90 a 200gp worth onyx
91 a mirror that shows a creature its deepest desires
92 a miniature 1ft by 1ft flying carpet that holds up to 20lb and has a fly speed of 30ft
93 a robe that can change into any mundane outfit
94 two mirrors which instead of seeing your reflection, you can see through the other mirror, they both must be on the same plane of existence to work
95 a potion of diminution
96 a bag of holding
97 a hill giant belt of giant strength
98 a ring of evasion
99 a wand of paralysis
100 you forget how to cast this spell until you next gain a level or 1 year has passed.

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