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Planar cosmology

In the center stands the Prime, which floats in the Astral Sea and is surrounded by the Elemental Realms, which form the Inner Ring, also known as the Elemental Chaos. Above and below the Prime float the Positive and Negative Energy Planes, as well as the Light and Dark Mirror Planes, known as the Feywild and Shadowfell respectively. Further out go the Outer Planes, which float in the Astral along with the corpses of Dead Gods, forming the Outer Ring. 'Below' lie the Planes of evil, while 'above' lie the Planes of good and the neutral Planes are on the same level as the Prime. Around all this construct are the Far Realms, home to the Elder Evils, and finally the Void, which is pure Chaos.


Gods (incomplete)[edit]

Human Gods


Dark Seldarine

Orc Gods

The Seldarine

Baatific Archfiends[edit]

Demon Princes[edit]

1 These are the direct Spawn of the Elder Evils, those immortal horrors from outside the Multiverse. They created evil and the Abyss. 2 These are beings halfway between Demon Prince and God. 3 These are demon lords that have risen from the lowest level of demon to the highest.

The Afterlife

After a soul passes from its mortal coil, it goes to the Domain of Law, where Adhan judges it and takes it to the realm of the god it worshipped, to be recreated as a petitioner. These petitioners have many forms, such as Reapers of Utiolth or Shivans of Thule, but are all the same type of creature. If a soul does not worship a god, it is kept in the Courts of Law until further notice, a period during which it is inevitably tricked into Baator to become a Devil and taken or stolen by the Tanar'ri and taken into the Abyss to be reborn as a Demon, however unwilling it may be. In such ways the legions of the Blood War multiply.

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