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Relics are old. Really old. Hence the name, "Relics".
—Crysaeli historian.


The relics, as they are known by the inhabitants of the Silver Lands, are all that is left (besides some ruins and other artifacts) of a lost civilization that fell millenniums ago. These mechanical wonders, built with a mixture of ancient magic and technology, range from simple to complex, from ordered and calm to a bit... well, insane.

About the Relics[edit]

Relics are basically constructs, and in a Silver Lands campaign setting, you should probably not allow characters to build constructs of their own. However, some relics may be playable.

Usable Constructs[edit]

following is a list of constructs you can easily use as relics, as well as ones not to use.


  • Iron Golem
  • Stone Golem (rare)

Do Not Use:

  • Flesh Golem
  • Clay Golem
  • Most Other Golems
  • Inevitable

New Relics[edit]

  • Bronzes
  • Clockworkers
  • [[Demolisher (3.5e Creature)|Demolishers]]
  • [[Gear (3.5e Creature)|Gears]]
  • [[Graftling (3.5e Creature)|Graftlings]]
  • [[Guardians (3.5e Creature)|Guardians]]
  • Mechanical Hounds
  • Megaliths
  • [[Orderly (3.5e Creature)|Orderlies]]
  • Quickblades
  • Stocks
  • [[Warblade (3.5e Creature)|Warblades]]
  • [[Warmaker (3.5e Creature)|Warmakers]]

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