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Whatever you do, don't look back!
—Unknown adventurer running from a monster.

Creatures of the Silver Lands[edit]

The Silver Lands contain many strange and unique creatures. following is a list of creatures from the Monster Manual that can be easily used in a Silver Lands campaign, as well as where you are likely to find them.

  • Assassin Vine: Northern Continent.
  • Basilisk: West Northern Continent, Mountains of the Sun, Wyrm Hills.
  • Blink Dog:
  • Cloaker: UnderRealm.
  • Dire Animals: Anywhere, depending on environment.
  • Elementals: Anywhere, depends where summoned.
  • Ghost: Anywhere.
  • Giant Eagle: Mountains of the Sun, Elgador.
  • Giant Owl: Rytha, Elgador, Chirrika.
  • Griffin: Southern Continent.
  • Hydra: West Northern Continent, Wyrm Hills.
  • Pseudodragon: Mountains of the Sun
  • Roc: Fornaedra.
  • Skeletons (in the Silver Lands, skeletons are simply rotted zombies.): Nial.
  • Treant (rare): Northern Rytha.
  • Unicorn: Southern Rytha.
  • Vampire Spawn: Nial.
  • Vampire: Nial.
  • Will'o'Wisp: Anywhere.
  • Wraith: Nial.
  • Wyvern: Southern Continent, Wyrm Hills.
  • Zombies: Nial.
  • The Silver Lands have there own versions of the Sphinx, Sprite, Troll, Demon, Dragon, Doppelganger, Minotaur, Centaur, Satyr, Harpy, Nymph, Chimera, Kraken, all humanoids, all constructs, all giants, and most outsiders and fey.
  • Most other monsters should generally not be used unless they are carefully thought out by the DM. The Silver Lands is not a "Monster Heavy" campaign setting. Most monsters in it are in it for a reason.
  • All Undead are generally found only in Nial. Necromancy in the Silver Lands is far more limited (as is Transmution, Evocations, and Conjuration), so "Create Undead" spells are not generally allowed. If Undead are found in Rytha or Bas'Mera (or other), there is usually an explanation as to how they got there.

New Creatures[edit]


Giant, bear-like warriors.


A peaceful and wise race of dual creatures.


The ancient enemy of The Silver Lands.

Dark Seekers[edit]

Evil, cunning undead.

[[Doppelgangers (3.5e Creature)|Doppelgangers]][edit]

Mysterious beings who can imitate anybody... perfectly.


Dragon-like halflings who dwell in the Wyrm hills.


Ancient, powerful creatures of might and magic.


Tricky and mysterious beings from another plane.


Small, filthy, and cowardly creatures.


Magically powerful beings.

[[Hobbs (3.5e Creature)|Hobbs]][edit]

Large creatures from Bas'Mera.


Small, vicious creatures with a poisonous sting.

[[Orcans (3.5e Creature)|Orcans]][edit]

Large undersea creatures.


Ancient leftovers from the Golden Lands.


Small, winged fae.

[[The Fury (3.5e Creature)|The Fury]][edit]

A being of pure hatred and ancient cunning.

[[The Host (3.5e Creature)|The Host]][edit]

An evil hive mind power.

[[The Leviathan (3.5e Creature)|The Leviathan]][edit]

A colossal sea creature that awakens only once in a while.

[[The Ward (3.5e Creature)|The Ward]][edit]

A hive mind race.

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