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I've seen his kind before. Hero. General characteristics: leads a brave, glorious life that is usually cut short on another hero's blade.
—Halan, changeling barkeep.

Rytha and Bas'Mera, as well as the smaller (or, as both the Rythans and the Bas'Merans believe, less important) countries surrounding them, known collectively as the Silver Lands, are realms of magic and war, adventure and danger. They are also the realms of lost relics of an even older civilization, which fell millenniums ago. The peoples of the Silver Lands, the elves and faeries of Rytha, the ogres and trolls of Bas'Mera, and the many other races that inhabit these wild and beautiful realms, share their home with legions of deathless creatures of the night, the blood-thirsty undead who had helped bring about the fall of the Golden Lands.

Rytha and Bas'Mera[edit]

Bas'Mera is the realm of the warrior ogre and troll races, two species forever balanced in an uneasy alliance against their faery neighbors. The ogres serve as priests and executives, while the trolls are the military might. These races rule over their smaller kin, the goblins, treating their smaller cousins with kind contempt, as an adult might treat a child. The goblin's larger kin, the hobgoblins, are treated slightly better, as they serve as regular soldiers. The ogres and trolls use the giant Hobbs as beasts of burden and slaves, as the hobb race is barely more intelligent than beasts.

Rytha is the realm of the ancient elven and faery races, two peoples who share a mutual dislike for one another. The faeries and elves share Rytha with the sprites, a small race of winged humanoids who are loyal unto death to their elven masters, and serve them with a passion. There are two other races in Rytha, the pixies, a small race of thieves and slavers, and the Bodachan, also known as brownies and bogarts, two inseparable subraces of the same species. The bodachan are wanderers, indifferent and quiet observers of nature.

Other Realms[edit]

Well of course we acknowledge the existence of other lands. They're just not as important as we are.
—Erelgus, ogre high priest.

Chirrika is the land of the peaceful gnomes race, who are farmers and merchants. It lies between Rytha and Bas'Mera, and constantly fears being swallowed by one of the two.

Elgador is an island kingdom off the northern coast of Rytha. It is inhabited by four savage and unpredictable races: the athames, grugach, manes, and wendego. These four races are not technically a single country, but rather several tribes that constantly merge and split.

Nectar Isle is a small island off the coast of Bas'Mera. It is the homeland of the godslayer race, an ancient group of people who have existed since the time of the Golden Lands.

Roane Danon is name of the roane people, who, although they have no country but the sea, are united into a complex series of tribes and clans. Roane Danon lies off the coast of Rytha and Bas'Mera.

Salahandrae is the realm of the salamanders race and their forges. Masters of steel, the salamanders are universally respected and their salahandrian-steel weapons universally coveted.

The Changeling Clans (Kelashyi) are not technically a country, but rather a grouping of people (the strange race known as the changelings - a species with the ability to alter their looks and physiology) who live a gypsy-like lifestyle. However, the changeling clans share a loyalty towards each other that is seldom found even in other nations.

Valkar is the home of the valkaries, a race of warriors and poets, who believe death in battle is the ultimate reward. It is also the home of the einherjar race and norns, the valkaries' kindred races. The people of Valkar often raid other lands for gold, food, slaves, and other treasures.

Nial is a land of darkness, across the ocean from Rytha and Bas'Mera, a land of Death and Sorrow. The undead roam in that dark place, waiting for a chance to cross the sea and feast on the living in the Silver Lands...



Notes on the Silver Lands[edit]

the Silver Lands use, for the most part, the same rules as normal Dungeons and Dragons. Magic is more limited, and there is no "common" race (humans do not exist). The primary countries, Bas'Mera and Rytha, are where most of the action will most likely take place (at least initially). Although this setting uses basically the same rules as normal D&D, several variants from Unearthed Arcana are very appropriate for a Silver Lands campaign. As follows: Armor as Damage Reduction, Class Defense Bonus, Weapon Group Feats, Reputation, Contacts, Vitality and Wound Points.

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