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All great gifts come at great cost. However that was not what was coming to mind when this world was formed. Erenna shaped the world and its environment. She made it beautiful beyond measure. She melded the mountains and the rocks, the trees and the grass from her soul, giving each insect the same amount of care as the greatest of seas. The air and the sea came together perfectly creating a wonderful horizon and even more incredible dawn. To reflect her perfect world, she added perfect creatures. She sculpted each and every animal with her hands, giving each one the thought and care as if she were sculpting her own child. She then made the griffon in her chosen image. Making the greatest, most majestic creature she knew of and lightly touching them down upon the world’s surface. However there was still more beauty to come. She created the world with her six children. Out of the six two were boys and four were girls respectively Aldern, Kersaw, Adrenna, Irene, Erana, Serenna. Each one created their own aspect of the world. Adrenna created the unicorn in an attempt to mock the majesty and grace of the griffon, except on the earth. Aldren designed the centaur in attempt to rival the unicorn. He created them with all the majesty of the unicorn, except stronger, smarter, and prouder. Irene forged the hippogriff to be the companions and humble servants of the griffons. By doing so she hoped to gain her mothers favour. Erana made the merfolk in an attempt to show the majesty and beauty of the world even in the depths of the sea. Now Serenna had a very special gift in mind for the world. After consulting with her mother, she created the archons to show the true nature of such a good and holy world. Allowing them to stand for all that is good in the world and showing what all beings can strive for. Finally, we come to Kersaw. In a family of perfect sheep, he was the black one. He always rebelled, and was given such a different name for a reason. However this name turned out to be a curse on his already dark soul. In an attempt at revenge towards his mother he created the satyr in an attempt to throw a variable into the world, to shake things up. Now, this greatly angered Erenna, but she knew that there was nothing she could do about it. The world was named after the all-father Orion and it was forged in his name too, to show all the good that he stood for.

Rise of Nations[edit]

Quickly, being blessed not only with beauty but great knowledge too, nations began to form. Each race was born social, and they quickly realized that it was for a reason, in teamwork comes success. Now, however, quickly is a relative term, as it did take many centuries before any nations were to form upon this world. For many, many years the world remained in a state of semi chaos. Peaceful, but anarchic nonetheless. For a great time it remained this way, most nations form for a reason, and the creatures of this world being so peaceful as they were, never truly had any need for nations to form. However not all beings were blessed with such qualities. The satyr despised the other races, they despised their one minded thinking and the way the presumed themselves above all others. So, contrary to their nature, the satyr formed the first true kingdom, in an attempt to unite against a greater foe. However the other creatures being wise and weary of the nature of the satyrs were quick to respond to their growing threat. Almost as soon as the satyrs began to form up, so to did the other creatures. The archons were always off on some obscure quest for the gods, and the merfolk were too deep in their safe and perfect ocean to ever need to care of the goings on of the surface. In addition to this, the griffons still assuming an arrogant nature as to the importance of their foe, stayed apart. So it was only the hippogriffs and the centaurs that banded together to ward off the satyrs impending strikes. So both of these two races began to build strongholds and war ready cities, each new civilization centered around battle. Soon, the ever impending attacks came. The satyrs and the centaurs meeting in bloody battles upon the ground, while the hippogriffs dropped rocks from the skies. The satyrs would locate the hippogriff lairs and kill them in the night, while they were bound to the ground. It was a terrible and gruesome war, fought for the very alignment seemingly of the lands themselves. However even with their tactical advantages and a head start on building, two races closing in on them in full force was to much, and slowly the satyrs began to fall. However they did not notice, or refused to believe that their numbers dwindled on complete destruction. Soon, apart from those few who were taken prisoner or escaped to live in well hidden grottos, the satyrs had been wiped off the face of the earth. It was a sad day, not only for the satyrs who had been destroyed, but too for the hippogriffs and centaurs. They grieved for their own losses, but also the losses of the satyrs, it is truly a horrid sight to see an entire species become extinct. However with the only true threat to the world gone, the other nations could rest knowing they had made a better world, even though what that had cost keeps them up at night anyways.

Era of Peace[edit]

With the world now rid of such a powerful enemy, and the peaceful state of it once again restored, the other races knew that their was no longer a threat, no longer a need for such fortifications. However they had lived that life for so long, that it was too hard for them to let go. The centaurs and the hippogriffs slowly began to redesign their cities, throwing away the fortifications and building them anew out of the new found happiness of the world. Soon, two great nations had risen, living peacefully with each other. However, ever so slowly as they may be, the other races followed suit. They realized how these lifestyles could benefit all, how they could create an environment that made it easier to regulate goods, and allowed them to develop a stable structure and eliminate the many problems of chaos and hunger in the world. Soon, with every race of the world living in nations, their was peace. This peace, while it brought many good things, most of all it brought advancement. With easily crossed borders and many collective projects the now completely intertwined nations were able to further their studies to an incredible degree. This peace brought happiness, it brought better lives, and it brought friendships between all. Even the few satyrs left were slowly breading and reforming their race, and now being accepting on both sides, they too were part of this great era of peace. This era lasted for many, many more years. These years brought with them the beauty of new discoveries of land, technology, and most of all magic. The great period of peace in this world brought up an era of magic along with it. These magics allowed for better communications, furthering their studies, and helping the general world as a whole. However probably the most awesome of these achievements using magic, was that which they could do with it for their studies.

The Seven Pillars[edit]

Fall of Nations[edit]

Last Stand[edit]

Final Destruction[edit]

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