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Overall History[edit]

Under construction.

Formation of the Worlds[edit]

Orion stood; he stood on legs made of blackness, upon a body that could not be seen. He stood in nothing, he stood, and he wondered. He wondered why he was here, he wondered why it was only him, he searched for answers, seemingly unfindable, and yet they were to be found. He concluded he was a god, he must be a god, for how else could he exist? How else could he live in all times, live in all dimensions at once. Then he wondered why he was wondering. If he was truly a god, then should he not be devoid of emotion? If he were truly a god then he would be emotionless, only gaining such mundane thoughts at such a time when granted them upon himself. He then understood, he was not a god. However he was the only thing that existed, he had infinite power, he controlled everything. How then can he not be a god? It is not possible to be a god and a mortal, therefore one must be the other. He knew that all beings were not gods, just as surely as he knew that the stars were thoughtless, just shining beacons in the sky. So all beings must be mortal, there are no gods, only mortals. Some mortals strong, some weak.

Orion was the first being to exist. He was what we would call a god, but he had a different term for himself, for he had concluded he was simply a mortal, a mortal with infinite power. He, as a mortal realized that with the power he had, he could create. He did not know what it was he could create, simply that he could create, so he did. He channeled his infinite stream of power into the multiverse, letting it go free, letting it become more. The strands of power formed, and gathered into weaker mortals, weaker gods.

Orion saw what he had done, saw what he had created and rejoiced. He looked down upon his creations with not just pride, but awe. Awe at what had been done my mortal hands. He raised his children, he raised them for a millennia. He taught them of who they were, why they were, and of there own mortality. He showed them how to create, how to channel the energies of the universe into new pieces.

One day he came to them, each individually and he posed them a question. 'I shall give you control over an area of existence. I will grant you the ability to govern over what ever you please. After all these centuries, after seeing all of what can be done, what will you do? What will you create? How will you create it? Will it be in your image to show your power among all beings? Will it be still in the form of energies, the most raw and powerful of all forces? Or will you create something else, something new?". In turn each one of his children answered him, naming the piece of creation they would control. The stronger mortals were awarded for their practices by being given rule over larger areas of existence and other mortals of lesser stature, whereas the lesser mortals took a single piece of creation to rule.

With their new power, the gods began to create.

As creation began, they began to wonder. All the beings they created, all the lesser mortals they made, were lesser. They could never make a being as strong as one of them. They began to wonder why they were thought of as equal to these inferior beings, beings they had created. They began to plot.

Orion could see there plotting, he watched them speak, and he grew angry. He began to channel his power again, but this time it was not for such a glorious use. He forged a new plane out of the blackness that grew in his soul, he forged a plane using the energies of hate that he now emanated. He named the plane 'Moratus' and he forged it a prison. The next day he appeared before his children as they spoke, and he said to them 'You have wronged me, and brought disgrace on the beauty that once was creation, and for that, you are no longer welcome.'. He paused, then in a sad voice said 'I am sorry my children.'. They responded in turn "But you can not destroy us, we were forged from your life force and by killing us, you would kill parts of yourself. You are trapped, you cannot stop us!'. He smiled, sadly, and began to weep as he spoke his last words to them 'No, it is you who are trapped.' and he banished them to Moratus.

Orion began once again to shift back into the shadows of the multiverse when suddenly he saw something. He looked and he saw a speck on the horizon, a speck of hope glimmering through the fallen stars. He saw what his children had created, he saw them begin to grow and he watched, entranced. He watched the mortals grow, and he waited until they began to grow as strong as his children; he waited so he could prove them wrong. He waited, and waited...

The First Planes[edit]

As the gods began to create, their powers were not yet in check. They were uncontrolled and violent. They threw there forces into the abyss letting them form, and grow into something new, something twisted. Their powers were not great enough as Orion's were to resist the void that consumed them. They did not get devoured though, the endless planes of nothingness had a greater will for these powers. Slowly, these magics began to mix with the void, forming new planes, dark planes, planes made of the very essence of nothing become a reality and put into form. Enough energy was released to form three dark planes named Darinuss, Eviness, and Noregess. The gods, oblivious in there stupor, drunk on the power and high off the thrill of creation never realized what they had done. They never even began to stop and think of the consequences of this until it was far too late.

The Dark Wars[edit]

The gods, seeing their creation and believing it to be good began to create more. They began to channel more energy into these planes, they began making beings, monstrosities of creatures, fusing the essence of divine power with the darkness of these planes. Beings now known by scholars as the 'Dark Bringers' were formed on these planes. These beings were the first self aware beings to exist in the cosmos beyond the gods themselves. However the gods were quickly sobered up upon seeing what they had done. The beauty of the planes washed away to reveal their true nature. The Dark Bringers began to war with each other. They did not fight for land or greed, money or power, they did not fight over religion or race as they were all the same. These beings did not even fight over who was right and who was wrong. They fought for no other reason than the drive to fight, the need for war. It was an age of perpetual, irresolvable, primal violence. The Dark Bringers existed only to bring the pain and misery of themselves down upon others. The extent of the wars even began to rip the very planes themselves apart, the dark powers within the beings sucking in the essence of life existing upon the world. No nation won this war, as there were no nations. Each and every Dark Bringer fought each other with everything they had unto death, then, as their power was released, more were formed from it creating an endless stream of terror.

The gods knew they had to end this, put a stop to it. They came to Orion for guidance and aid, but he scolded them and reminded them that they must fix whatever mess they were to get themselves into. So the gods tried. They pooled there strength and used every piece of power they had to attempt to smother these planes, attempt to stop these creatures from destroying everything that could ever be. Their efforts came to no avail. The creatures fused with darkness were to much for even the gods to stop, and hope seemed lost. However then a thought came to them. Perhaps they cannot be stopped, but they can be contained, smothered by abundance and slowly killed off through suffocation. So from this idea, the gods knew what they must do. They sealed off the dark planes using powerful forces existing within themselves and threw it into the far reaches of the cosmos, never to be found again. So, they began once more to create, designing new worlds and planes, however this time being more careful and watching closely were they tread so as not to fall through a hole once again. All the while the Dark Bringers still warring in some far off plane hidden away and safe from the rest of creation. However every now and again, one escapes.

The Elemental Planes[edit]

The gods, still not in full control of their new found powers, but now ready enough to channel them against the ever powerful will of the voids existing around them. They slowly crafted a plane using the primal powers of their beings. The crafted planes that represented their first thoughts, their true emotions. They created worlds to show the true essence of what the gods are, in all their beauty and might, in all their humbleness and happiness, in all their power and their fury. Many of the gods, having conflicting interests on these primal emotions split, forming smaller, more close knit groups. These groups poored all there energies into the planes, each group designing its own planes, with all their own like minded thoughts creating very specific planes of existence. These planes were the first true planes, independent of the external control of the void. They were the true nature of the gods, showing what they really were. The planes are The Elemental Planes of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. However two smaller groups of deities who had still more slightly varying emotions and perceptions of the world. These groups formed the planes of Electricity and Psychic Energies. Each of these planes were wild and exotic, completely different in their own respects, yet still almost the same in others.

The gods, seeing their creations were good, seeing that this time at least they were untainted by darkness, began once again to poor power into the planes forming creatures. These creatures each represented the planes and values of the gods that they were forged from. These creatures were known as elementals.

The Elemental Wars[edit]

Each of these planes was so different from each other, so apart that they began to mistrust each other, doubt each other. All of this lead in the end to hate and contempt. Their beliefs varried to the extreme and they each believed that they were superior, that they were right. This, of course lead to conflict. The gods, seeing that their creations for the first time were good, did not want it to end. They did not want to see these great creatures go down in ruins. They did whatever they could to prevent full scale war, but it came nonetheless. Each group of gods feeling beholden to their respective planes knew they had to join in the conflict, knew they had to aid there creations. So, in turn, the gods too went to war, being forever separated from each other and never truly able to mend the gaps formed from these wars, even long after the wars had ended. Yes, the wars did end. It was a long and powerful conflict, new planes being formed and creatures springing up, each stronger than the next, all used to help combat the enemy.

However the gods soon began to realize what was becoming of them. They had become the Dark Bringers, creating war without cause and destroying the very creations they were protecting. They slowly began to close off the elemental planes from each other just as they had sealed the dark planes from the rest of the multiverse. They shut off the planes and the creatures inside them so that they could not enter any other planes but their own and others not attached to another elemental plane. Thus the elemental wars came to a forced and premature end, each plane breeding greater and greater contempt for one another.

Formation of the Material Plane[edit]

The gods after the great elemental wars began to realize that their creations violence had to be stopped. They could no longer continue to poor raw energy into these planes and hope to create something. They must shape their beings and design them more closely so that total anarchy does not ensue and the worlds will not have to be sealed off as so many others were. The gods, now with a great amount of hate for each other decided that they must work together if they ever wanted to design a plane with more structure and stability than the others. So grudgingly the gods began to form up and use their powers once more. The creation of this plane took many centuries, as it was structured and formed, with every grain of sand specifically created and acounted for. They shaped a world of beauty and power. They made it so all beings and creatures could exist on this plane. They designed many worlds to fit into this plane, allowing for a multitude of creatures to live and exist. Finally, the material plane was finished. The gods, spent of a great deal of energy, and exhausted from their work rested. Soon, again they rose and began to place the creatures upon the world. Each god formed beings to place into the plane that were their own. They placed them in locations and areas were they would not instantly enter conflict. They designed a plane that would allow beings to exist mutually without having to be separated and torn apart as so many other planes before them were. Finally, all the creatures were finished and placed upon the worlds. Each creature was made with magic, and was made of magic. At last the gods had made something they could truly be proud of, they had designed a work of art that satisfied their need for perfection. However what they couldn't anticipate is that even with a perfect plane and many worlds, problems would arise, and they would have their work cut out for them.

The First Era - The Beginning of Empires[edit]

Slowly as the beings of the world were created they began to form together. Some coming together under a single name following their beliefs, however many simply followed their race. The Okeanos were the first race of any world to form a civilized culture, allowing for leisure time and making room for growth. The Okeanos happily aided the other races they encountered to create nations of their own. Quickly, following the Oak's, the Charons grew into nations. Their growth was incredibly fast, having been supplemented by the Oak's and always having that social nature about them and need to form into nations. For many years these two races having been the only ones to truly form into such complex groups, in essence ruled the known world. All other worlds of the five that existed not having any nations to rely upon for structure. However after many years the other worlds began to follow suite. The worlds and their ruling civilizations are as follows:

Grathier - Dragons

Oreathose - Anarchy

Quathieme - Krienos

Orithis (Orion) - Charon & Okeanos

Orgshin - Orcs

Deatils on the corresponding history of each world may be found in the link provided with its name.

An expanded version containing information on Orithis and specifics on its cultures/realms etc. Can be found on the Organizations/Cultures page under the appropriate header.

The Second Era - The Fall of Humanity[edit]

This section still to be revised or removed.

Just as peace rises across the land, another force rises with it. Yotstrung in secret had been raising an army and with the facade of peace there was nobody strong enough to stop them. They believed all other creatures inferior to themselves. They believed that by eliminating the other species they would make the world a better place, a more pure place.

On the festival of the eye, they released there army upon Garat. Garat had been suspecting something when return value of trades had dropped, indicating outside spending of wealth. However Yotstrung had refused to explain as to what it was. Now they eliminated the problem. There war machines were fast and deadly. Yotstrung having opened experimentation onto other peoples had significantly increased there technological advancement. Within the week, Garat fell. Survivors retreated to Pheresia which had already begun preparing for battle.

A war was waged upon all the earth, a war that shook the foundations of the world. All the kingdoms fought against Yotstrung, they fought a loosing battle. In the end, they were defeated. Every city now lay in ruins, every crop wasted and livestock killed. Survivors were put to work and quickly wasted until death; women were given to the king and those he deemed worthy for specific practices. Yotstrung had succeeded, soon all other intelligent life had been wiped out, and they were all that was left. A race of perfect beings.

However while Yotstrung was battling the brunt of the forces, Tirab and Sylvasti had formed together and had been preparing to do war. They launched the attack on the festival of light. When the winter died away and new life came, the day directly opposite that of the festival of the eye. Another war was waged. However this war was not so easily determined. The alliance that Yotstrung fought did not have a kingdom or walls, did not have a king they could kill to send the civilizations into anarchy, because they were already anarchic. They battled Yotstrung with Gorilla warfare, a type of fighting that Yotstrung had no defense against. The battled waged many years, until finally both nations fell. The alliance slowly fell apart because of its anarchic nature and Yotstrung was nearly destroyed and its remaining people broke up and hid.

A new age was born. An age of anarchy, of wildness. An age many feared, an age that many more have grown to love.


Will add soon once history is revised.

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