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Magic and Psionics[edit]

Magic in the world of Orion works differently then it does in many other adventures. Magic is the life force of all living things, it permeates throughout the ethers, but it can never be mastered, can never be controlled. Psionics are the manifestations of the magical forces within ones mind. Psionics are a little understood force that can be a powerful weapon. Psionics too are run much differently in Orion.

Arcane Magic[edit]

Magic is an incredibly rare site in the world of Orion. Many centuries ago magic was lost from the world and few still know that it ever existed. Those that can control certain aspects of magical powers keep them hidden for fear of persecution, or worse. However those who can wield magic, while it may be in secret, have great power over other beings. They are able to manipulate the very fabric and nature of the world itself. Mystic blades use magic through there own life force. Channeling the magical forces within themselves out through there body and into the world, at higher levels learning to manipulate this magic and control it in a better way granting access to greater and more powerful abilities. Arcane magic exists in such power in the world and such force that if any were to be able to truly tap into its depths they could wield such power as to be unstoppable. If these magical powers were some how controlled by a single man, then that man would have the powers of a god.

Divine Magic[edit]

Divine magic is almost nonexistent in the world of Orion. Divine magic is arcane magical powers being granted to a lesser being in the greater creatures favor. This in most campaigns is almost always accomplished through clerics or some other form of magic being granted by deities. However due to the restricted pantheon of Orion this is nearly impossible. The only god who could grant these powers is Orion himself, and he has no desire to. Divine magic through these means could exist some time, if the gods are ever released; however that would take a great deal of difficulty. Currently the only divine casting class is the hunter. Hunters use the magic of the life around them. The very force of nature itself grants the hunter some of its powers to channel through the world. As the hunter increases in level so too does he increase in favor with his natural world, being granted greater and greater powers.


Psionics exist within every person in Orion. Psionics are the magical powers that are hidden within the mind. Many people in Orion will at some point in their lives inadvertently use these magical powers when in a time of great distress. However these powers are so complex and so complicated that next to none have ever been able to master them the way mystic blades utilize the magic within the rest of their body. Psionics in Orion are not flashy spells, or powers slowly dished out over time. One who could control Psionics is able to reach out with his mind. He can enter the consciousnesses of other beings and could, in theory, control them, or perhaps destroy them from within their own minds.

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