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Class Selection[edit]

Only the classes listed here are to be used within the world of Orion. This list of base classes replaces the list given in the PhB and any other book that lists base classes. I have redesigned these classes to fit into the world of Orion. Many classes found here may be based off of other classes from the books, however they will have been modified substantially. Their are also no divine classes that rely on granted power from the gods such as a cleric because of the restricted pantheon.


These classes were specifically designed to be used in the world of Orion, or were designed by other dnd wiki users and have been modified slightly to fit the setting.

Class Role Features
Beastfighter Melee, aggressive Unarmed Barbarian
Jumper Melee, skilled Fast, nimble fighter
Threat Melee, aggresive Pit fighter, numb to pain
Mystic Blade Melee, minor spellcasting Armor wearing fighter/magic user
Hunter Melee, divine spellcasting Woodsman, dextrous fighter
Knight Melee, defensive Powerful fighter, tank

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