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Choosing a Race[edit]

The only races present in Orion are the ones listed here. This list replaces that in the PhB. Monster races may also be used in addition to these base races and are fairly common. Do not take this choice lightly, it is possibly the greatest choice you will make in the game and will effect your characters life dramatically for both role playing purposes and combat.

Races of Orion[edit]

Race Type Description
Neanderthal Humans Humanoid (Human) Strong and hardy, this race is capable in many combat situations, although often lacks the abilities to perform well elsewhere
Normal Humans Humanoid (Human)
Charon Humans Humanoid (Human) Charons are races of discovery and adventure. They are ever curious and wanting to learn more. They as well have heightened senses, this allows them to survive their many misadventures. Charons make up most of the worlds population in Orion.


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