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This creature was created as part of the Player Equivalent CR variant rule using the Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) class and Genin (5e Background) background, and as such does not follow traditional CR.

Obito Uchiha[edit]

Medium humanoid (Uchiha), neutral good

Armor Class 27 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 238 (28d8 + 112)
Speed 115 ft.

12 (+1) 20 (+5) 18 (+4) 16 (+3) 11 (+0) 12 (+1)

Saving Throws Dex +13, Con +12
Skills Arcana +11, Athletics +9, Intimidation +9, Perception +8, Performance +9, Persuasion +9, Stealth +13
Senses passive Perception 18
Languages Common
Challenge 26 (90,000 XP)

Chakra. Obito has 59 chakra points which he can expend. Obito regains 5 chakra at the end of each of his turns.

Evasion. When Obito is targeted by an area effect that lets him make a Dexterity saving throw to take only half damage, such as fireball, he instead takes no damage if he succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if he fails the save.

Ninja Speed. Obito can take the dash, dodge, and disengage actions as a bonus action, and can move along vertical surfaces.

Hashirama's Cells. Obito benefits from the following:

  • Obito can gain all non-dōjutsu implantable subclass features from implanted subclasses as if he had taken them at 3rd level.
  • The number of levels of exhaustion, as well as gradual blindness, deafness, and numbness required for each effect is doubled.
  • At the end of each hour, Obito makes a DC 20 Constitution saving throw, losing 1 level of exhaustion on a success.
  • At the end of each short rest, Obito automatically loses 1 level of exhaustion.
  • Obito no longer needs to eat or drink, though he may choose to do so.

Rinnegan and Sharingan. Obito benefits from the following:

  • Advantage on Wisdom and Dexterity saving throws.
  • Advantage on Perception checks.
  • Obito automatically detects visual illusions and genjutsu and has advantage on saving throws against them.

Chakra Sense. When Obito takes the search action, he may also attempt a DC 13 Perception check to locate living creatures and magical effects within 60 feet. He sees a faint outline around the detected chakra source and what school of magic or chakra nature the magical effect was created from, or one that the creature can use if any, can be discerned by him. This effect can penetrate most barriers, but is blocked by 5 feet of stone, 5 inches of common metal, 1 inch of lead, or 15 feet of wood or dirt.

Outer Path Sage Mode. Obito benefits from the following:

  • The cost of all Jutsu Obito knows are reduced in chakra costs by 1, except for Jutsu that only cost 1 chakra.
  • Obito gains advantage on Strength checks and saving throws.
  • Obito gains a damage reduction of 5.
  • Obito may change his size category as a bonus action, and the organization of his space may be in any shape (i.e. if he is Large, he may be a 10 x 10 ft. cube, a 20 x 5 ft. line, etc.)

Truth-Seeking Orbs. Obito has 6 Truth-Seeking Orbs. As a reaction whenever he would take damage, he may reduce the damage he takes by the amount of damage he chooses to have his orbs take. Each orb has 100 hit points. If an orb is reduced to 0 hit points, it is destroyed and disappears.


Multiattack. Obito can make 3 unarmed strike or kunai attacks.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Spell Attack: +14 to hit, reach 30 ft., one target. Hit: 18 (5d4 + 5) magical bludgeoning damage.

Kunai. Thrown Weapon Attack: +16 to hit, range 30/60 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (1d4 + 7) piercing damage. Obito may spend up to 3 chakra when he takes this action, making one additional attack per chakra point spent. Each additional kunai deals 4 (1d4 + 1) piercing damage on a hit.

Rinnegan Discernment. As a bonus action, Obito can attempt an Arcana check (DC 10 + the target's bonus to Deception) to learn how many spell slots, Ki points, chakra, and other such things that a creature has. The DC to discover hit points in this manner is 10 + the target's Constitution Modifier.

Hidden Chakra. As a bonus action, Obito regains 20 chakra. He may use this twice, regaining all uses at the end of a long rest.

Truth-Seeking Jutsu. As part of casting another jutsu that deals damage, Obito adds at least 1 truth-seeking orb within 5 feet of him. The jutsu’s damage and ranges are increased by half. Included orbs take half as much damage as the jutsu deals, divided equally between each orb (rounded up).

Sword of Nunoboko. Obito shape's 3 truth-seeking orbs into the Sage of Six Paths’ double helix Sword of Nunoboko. While wielding this weapon in one hand, his unarmed strikes attack every creature in a 20 foot cone, using the same attack and damage rolls, and deal force damage.

Manipulation. As a bonus action, Obito shapes one Truth-Seeking Orb into any mundane object with an area no larger than a 15 ft. radius sphere, including weapons. Alternatively, he can shape it into a flat surface up to 10x10x0.04 feet in size. Pushing, dragging, or lifting his orbs requires 600 lbs of force. He may manipulate them up to 60 feet from him as a free action or bonus action, they have an AC of 18, and have a movement speed of 60 feet. Orbs can not occupy the same space as a creature. If such a situation occurs, they must attempt a Dexterity saving throw. On a failure, they are pushed to the closest edge of the orb, take 7 (2d6) force damage, and are knocked prone. On a success, they are pushed to the closest edge of the orb.

Truth-Seeking Orb Execution (6 Chakra/Turn). In place of Obito's action, bonus action, reaction, and his entire movement speed, Obito places his hand on a creature’s head, shaping an orb into a needle that slowly burrows into their brain. This lasts for 5 turns (concentration), after which if the targeted creature doesn’t move and he did not lose concentration, they are killed instantly and reduced to atoms.

Near-Immortality (5 Chakra). As an action, Obito regains 4 hit points at the beginning of each of his turns for 1 minute or until he drops to 0 hit points.

Natural Health Regeneration (5 Chakra). As a bonus action, or as a reaction to the end of his turn, Obito regains 14 hit points.

Natural Chakra Regeneration. As a bonus action, or as a reaction to the end of his turn, Obito regains 13 chakra and gains 1 level of exhaustion.

See Obito's Jutsu

  • DC - 20
  • Attack bonus - +14


Heavily injured from his fight with Naruto and Kakashi, Obito returned to the back of the Ten-Tails. During said fight, he had secretly allowed Kakashi to pierce his chest with a chidori, thus breaking a seal placed on his heart by Madara and allowing him to absorb the Ten-Tails, thus becoming its unstoppable Jinchuriki. It took the combined powers of Naruto and Sasuke, both fighting as hard as they could while Obito fought casually amidst episodes of losing his consciousness to the Ten-Tails' power, to simply extract the tailed beasts from him. It was then that Black Zetsu struck, forcing Obito to use his Rinnegan to return Madara to the living, who quickly reabsorbed the Ten-Tails, becoming its Jinchuriki.

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