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Patronage. Notice the surrounding mists.

The Mists are a mysterious fog that surrounds Patronage. What is known about the Mists is speculation. The Mists are most commonly encountered at the edges of the world, the far borders of the Patrons' Realms. When one enters the Mists distance seems to lose meaning. No matter how far one walks, he will exit relatively near where he entered.

Some scholars speculate that the Mists make up the planets northern and southern latitudes, somewhere around 80-90° N and 80-90° S. They also speculate that the Mists make up a wide meridian of around 20°. How the Mists remain in the same locations is considered a phenomenon like glaciers in the Ochre Mountains.

Caspar David Friedrich [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Mists might surprise a traveler at any time and any place. Traveling in it is perilous and to be avoided at all costs

Other scholars believe that the mists were created by the Dragons to punish other patrons. They still make up northern and southern latitudes, however somewhere between 50-60° N and 50-60° S and two wide meridians. The rest of the planet is the Dragons'. It is theorized that the disappearance of so many patrons' in so short a time created the Mists as the result. See also the immortal battle.

In any case the Mists prevent mortals from discovering whether there are worlds beyond the one they know. Because of the Mists, others believe there is nothing more to the world than what they perceive. However, some rare scholars believe there is more to this world, but that the Patrons created the Mists to protect either the mortals, the Patrons or the world beyond. The Mists pervade Patronage in many ways.

About: The Mists have been known to appear in the middle of Patronage as small patches of arcane fog that transport people from one end of Patronage to another. The Mists retain the terrain of the surrounding countryside after appearing, and beasts seem to travel through the Mists without incident. Few have yet been able to learn to manipulate these Mists (some elves can teleport short distances by calling on the power of the Mists), but it is well-known that the Fey have mastered the art of traveling about Patronage in this fashion.

Above: Moreover, those who have attempted to fly or levitate to a height beyond the highest peaks of the Ochre Mountains find themselves quickly surrounded by Mists and unable to ascend further. It is said that the Titans themselves have constructed their temples in the peaks that are always surrounded in the Mists, and their meditations therein give them insights that no others possess. The Mists coalesce around the traveler, even on a cloudless day.

Below: The Leviathans, so the legends tell, sleep in the midst of the Mists below the Savage Sound, and their dreams infect all around them. The Mists have been found underground, preventing mining at a significant depth. The Mists put an end to mining operations that encounter them, and mining which mostly happens in the Fire Mountains and the Ochre Mountains is stunted when their mines end up in the Mists.

Within: It is said the Mists can reach the metaphysical world as well, sending people into a trance as their consciousness if drawn out by the Mists. Some speculate this is the source of the human ability to prophesy. Other believe that this is where our consciousnesses go when we dream.

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