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Slumbering in the Mist-shrouded depths of the Nereid Sea, the Leviathans give cryptic orders to their Deep One and Voidianoi servants, but none can fathom their tortured and twisted plans.

Realm: Nereid Sea

Cities: This Realm has no known cities.

Noble: Deep One

Deep One Breeds: None

Base: Voidianoi

Voidianoi Breeds: Chuul, Kopacith, Kuo-toa, Lacedon, Locathah, Merfolk, Sahuagin
Gustave Doré [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
The Leviathans were placed into a deep slumber by the magic of the Avatars.

Leviathan is the Patronage term for aberrations. Any intelligent aberrant creature that is inappropriate as a player race, and is an appropriate encounter for the epic tier of play, might be encountered in Patronage as a Leviathan.

Most Leviathans live deep beneath the Nereid Sea. Even non-aquatic aberrations can be found in its murky depths. The bottom of the sea is suffused with the Mists, which create a suspension medium breathable equally by aquatic and terrestrial creatures. Aboleths, beholders and illithids can all dwell in the Leviathans' Realm.

Eons ago, a powerful (and lost) ritual was cast upon the Leviathans, which put them into a deep slumber. They no longer manifest in the mortal world physically. However, their dreams can reach out and touch a mortal's mind, sometimes granting bizarre powers, but more often, causing nightmares, hallucinations, and, eventually, madness.

Deep Ones[edit]

Any aberration that is not suitable as an epic-tiered encounter might be encountered as a Deep One. These creatures serve their Leviathan masters, though some operate independently, pursuing their own alien agendas. They dwell deep at the bottom of the Nereid Sea, where the Mists mix with the freshwater to create a unique Medium where aquatic and air-breathing creatures can survive beside one another. It is unclear how air-breathing Deep Ones manage to pass the watery domain of the Deep Sea to reach the surface. Some may use rituals. Others believe that having dwelt so long within the Mists, the Deep Ones have discovered ways to travel through the Mists to virtually any place in Patronage.


The Voidianoi may be any humanoid intelligent aquatic creature that would constitute an appropriate heroic or paragon tier encounter. They follow their Leviathan Patrons, although they claim to receive orders only through the medium of the Deep Ones. These creatures are generally reclusive, seeking to have little to do with surface folk, except for the occasional raid of a ship passing through their territory, or a coastal settlement. Most cities along the shores of the Nereid Sea are fortified against voidianoi attack.

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