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Archetype Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Anti-Communist Machine Construct type, 1st level only You were made to destroy Reds!
Anti-Hero Any non-good. You do some not-so heroic actions, but you're still a (relatively) good guy or gal.
Anti-Villain Any non-evil. You aren't really evil, you know it. Killing people makes you sick... but its necessary.
Bastardly Not Lawful good, no ability to heal others. Jerk personified.
Battle Butler Any non-chaotic. You help your master out of duty, even if he wants to destroy the world or save it. Really these things do not matter to you.
Battle Charger Must be taken at 1st Level of a Combat-focused Class You fear nothing and embrace death.
Big Guy Str 16, power attack. You are a big guy, you swing weapon very hard.
Black Knight Armor Proficiency (Heavy). You are a black knight, a mysterious rider travelling the countryside nameless. The power is in the black full-plate you are wearing...
Boxer Str 14, Improved Unarmed Strike, Proficient with Unarmed Strikes. You enjoy punching people in the face. It's kind of nice to feel their blood spray across your palms as you beat them to a bloody pulp.
Celestial Descendant Good, Wis 10 You are remotely descended, even more remotely so than an asimaar, from a celestial being. You, over time, learn to accept this as part of yourself and draw power from it.
Chain-Smoking Badass Must be able to physically smoke and have the means to support such a habit. When defeating the hordes of darkness isn't enough, try lung cancer.
Doctor Any Non-Evil You have been trained as a Medical Doctor.
Femme Fatal Must be a female, Cha 15+, Any Non-Lawful You are a tempting goddess of seduction, and you know and use it to the fullest potential.
Magician Ability to cast at least one Illusion or Enchantment spell. You have the skills of a mage, but the heart of a performer.
Negative Energy Conduit Any Non-Good, Able to cast Arcane spells. You have a connection to the negative energy plane.
Outcast Any non-lawful.' You were cast out from whatever society/guild/nation you used to belong to. Everyone knows that outcasts are serious badasses.
Pikeman Proficiency with at least one reaching polearm, Weapon Focus with one reaching polearm. Pikemen are versatile fighters specializing specifically with polearms of various designs, making better use of them than the standard man-at-arms.
Positive Energy Conduit Any Non-Evil, Able to cast Arcane spells. You have a connection to the positive energy plane.
Powerhouse There are individuals in this world who are simply better at doing what they do. These people are often referred to as 'powerhouses'.
Pretty Boy/Girl Humanoid Type. You are pretty, very pretty. Somehow it makes your life easier.
Psychotic You stab people in the... heh heh heh, ha ha, HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Tough Guy Con 16+, Through a life of taking blows, you have hardened your body to a fine degree.
Wanderer Endurance. You have no home and wander the land, you are a drifter, a nomad. At home everywhere.
Wise One Ability to cast 1st level spells, Wisdom 15. There are those in this world with a natural connection with the magic forces that criss-cross underneath reality. These powerful individuals tend to be incrediblly calm, and incrediblly wise.
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