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Saitou Hajime, one of many chain-smoking badasses (hey, they don't call it an archetype for nothing!).

Chain-Smoking Badass [Archetype][edit]

When defeating the hordes of darkness isn't enough, try lung cancer.
Prerequisite: Must be able to physically smoke and have the means to support such a habit.
Benefit: See below.
Special: If you ever stop qualifying for this feat, you can trade it for another archetype feat you that meet the prerequisites for.

Archetype Feat Bonus are based on HD.

  • 1 HD: You epitomize badass. You gain a +4 circumstance modifier to Bluff and Intimidate checks made while your character is smoking.
  • 3 HD: Irony sucks. You become immune to disease.
  • 8 HD: Lamarck was right. The Chain-Smoking Badass becomes immune to ability drain.
  • 15 HD: Simply unflappable. That's you. You just light up and remain unperturbed while the world goes to pieces around you. While smoking, you are under the effects of a mind blank spell.

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