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Battle Charger [Archetype][edit]

You fear nothing and embrace death.
Prerequisite: Must be taken at 1st Level of a Combat-focused Class
Benefit: See below
Special: If you ever stop qualifying for this feat, you can trade it for another archetype feat you meet the prerequisites.

Archetype Feat Bonus are based on BAB.

  • +0 BAB: You gain the Feat Improved Initiative. If you already have this Feat than you gain a +8 to your Initiative Rolls instead of a +4.
  • +1 BAB: You gain the Feats Run and Endurance. If you already have Run, than your base land speed while running is increased from the Feat's x5 to x7. If you already have Endurance, than you gain a +6 Bonus instead of a +4.
  • +6 BAB: You gain the Feat Improved Overrun. If you already have the Feat than you gain a +8 to the Strength Check to knock down your opponent instead of the +4.
  • +11 BAB: You can no longer become Fatigued or Exhausted through physical activity, such as sleeping in armor or after the use of certain Feats, however you can still become Fatigued or Exhausted as a side effect or direct cause of poisons, diseases, magic, and other non-physical activities.
  • +16 BAB: You gain the Feats Improved Bull Rush and Powerful Charge. If you already have Improved Bull Rush than you gain +8 to your opposed Strength Check to push back instead of +4. If you already have Powerful Charge than you gain Greater Powerful Charge. During Powerful Charge you deal damage, assuming your attack strikes, with a bonus amount equal to your size; Medium: 1d8, Large: 2d6, Huge: 3d6, Gargantuan: 4d6, Colossal: 6d6. If you can make multiple attacks, the extra damage is only applied to your first and second strike. Under Greater Powerful Charge, you are considered one size larger for your strike; Medium: 2d6, Large: 3d6, Huge: 4d6, Gargantuan: 6d6, Colossal: 8d6.

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