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Armor (Land of the Sky Armor), Legendary (Requires attunement)

If the Sword of the Thunder God is considered the oldest modern scientific ninja weapon, the Village Hidden in the Snow's prototype chakra armor is the oldest modern scientific ninja armor. Drawing its power from crystals found sparingly and exclusively deep within the glaciers of the Land of Snow, this armor makes its wearer almost invincible to typical shinobi.

Chakra-Crystal Barrier. As a bonus action for 1 chakra while attuned to this item, you may erect a 10 foot chakra barrier that follows you. You may only have 1 barrier erected at a time, but you may spend chakra as a bonus action to grant the barrier three times as many hit points as chakra points spent. Each barrier has 50 hit points, and grants immunity to damage and effects from jutsu that are not taijutsu, and thrown weapon attacks to any creatures within it while erected. When at least 1 creature within the barrier would take damage the barrier makes them immune to, the barrier takes the damage instead.

Crystal Resonation. Chakra armor was designed to function on exactly as many crystals as it was constructed with. If a crystal of the same type or the barrier created by another set of Chakra Armor enters a Chakra Armor's barrier, it immediately drops to 0 hit points and can not be erected again for 1 hour. A creature wearing and attuned to a disabled set of chakra armor may attempt a DC 18 Arcana check as an action, fixing it on a success, thus allowing the barrier to be erected again.

Nadare a set of Chakra Armor, [Source].
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