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Bestiary of the Wild[edit]

The wild has many beasts and creatures to be found and recorded. They will be recorded here.

This information is for DM's only. These stats are only available to PC's with the class, "Witcher," and only if they have encountered each creature before.

Alghoul Alghouls are nasty creatures. Just like normal Ghouls, besides the fact that they are normally solitary, and they are much more intelligent than a normal ghoul. They are a Necrophage. (Undead, Medium)

Archespore Archespores are gargantuan, ugly flowers, and they are normally hard to see amidst other plant life, and by the time one realizes what they are trifling with, most times, it is much too late. They are considered Cursed Ones. (Plant, Medium)

Barghest The Barghests are strange, phantom-like dogs which roam the plains of Toussaint at night, along with other places randomly. Very similar to real dogs, or wolves, they are much stronger together than alone. They, although technically a kind of phantom, are damaged by fire, even if they cannot be burned. They are Spectres (Beast, Small)

Basilisk Most people believe that a Basilisk can turn things to stone with their eyes. That, however, is false. That applies to Gorgons. The Basilisks, rather, are a large species of Draconid resembling a lizard with a turkey, or rooster head. They are Draconid. (Draconid, Large)

Bruxa Bruxa are very powerful vampires who generally take the form of young, dark haired women. They have a variety of abilities, such as nearly inhuman speeds, and basic illusions. They are considered a Vampire. (Humanoid, Medium)

Cockatrice Cockatrice are often mistaken for Basilisks, considering that they are very similar. The only real differences are the shading, as well as the fact that a Cockatrice will generally roam the wild. They are faster than a Basilisk as well, as well as being tough as a golem. Cockatrices are Draconids. (

Devourer The Devourers are cousins of Rotfiends, but have no skin left. There is only a layer of muscle, even where they're swollen, ugly head is. Upon reaching a certain Hit points level, they will start to convuls and explose. They are necrophages. (Undead, Medium)

Drowner The Drowners resemble humans from afar, but in fact, they are leftover relics from the Conjunction of the Spheres. Although they look human, Witchers have been able to confirm otherwise by looking much closer. The Drowners, rather than normal skin, have scales, as well as dorsal fins along the head, neck, and back. They have webbed hands and feet, and are accustomed to swimming in murky waters. They are considered Necrophages. (Humanoid, medium)

Echinops Echinops are creatures with huge spines sticking from their back. They can shoot the spines up to 15 feet, and upon impact, they shatter and embed themselves in the victim. When the stand still, they resemble a patch of tall grass. They are classified as a beast. (Beast, small)

Fleder Fleders are a class of lower vampire, and are much weaker than most other classes of vampire. Not to undermine the fact of how dangerous they are. Fleders are still dangerous creatures, and generally easily take down a group of trained soldiers. They are Vampires. (Fiend, large)

Garkain Garkains are similar to Fleders, but are MUCH more ugly. They are more powerful as well, and utilize a mental blast to try and incapacitate enemies. They, unlike most vampires, do not simply drink the blood of their victims, rather, they spill the intestines and guts, mucking about in them. They are classified as Vampires. (Fiend, large)

Ghoul Ghouls are common. Especially in Graveyards, and on battlefields. Their faces look oddly human, and they even have arms and legs, but they venture on all fours, and are only driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh. They are classified as Necrophages. (Undead, small)

Giant Centipede Giant Centipedes are enormous burrowing insects. Their back is shielded, and their underbellies are the only exposed parts that they have. They lob balls of poison at you, as well as use their body like a whip. They are classified as Insectoids. (Insect, large)


Kikimore Worker Kikimore are strange looking insectoids, which form colonies, similar to ants. However, they are much larger than ants and look much different. One worker on his own can be killed by a mere child, however, normally they travel in groups, and you will almost never find one on its own. They are classified as Insectoids. (Insect, small)

Kikimore Warrior The Kikimore Workers tend to stay around the nest and around Workers. A little bigger, and slower, than the Workers, they also have the ability to spew acid. They are Insectoids. (Insect, medium)

Nightwraith Nightwraiths dwell in fields and such and resemble a pale woman in a tattered dress. But upon getting closer, she will look quite mangled and dead. That's because she is. Nightwraiths are classified as Spectres. (Undead, medium)

Noonwraith Noonwraiths look similar to Nightwraiths, Noonwraiths, however, are strongest when the sun is highest in the sky. They are classified as Spectres. (Undead, Medium)

Royal Wyvern The Royal Wyvern is larger than a normal Wyvern, and has, almost a beard, but it grows all over the bottom of its body. It resembles moss or vegetation. They are stronger and much tougher than normal Wyvern. They are classified as Draconids. (Draconid, Large)

Slyzard Slyzards are flying reptilian creatures which are grey, sometimes even a pale white. They can grow to be large as dragons and are often mistaken for Dragons. They do have a fiery breath attack, but they are different than Dragons. Much different. Slyzards are classified as Draconids. (Draconid, Large-Gargantuan)

Striga Strigas are generally under a curse of some sort or are born that way. Either way, it is possible for them to be cured. The generally, during the day, hide in a sarcophagus. Geralt of Rivia cured the princess Adda of her Striga Curse by sleeping in the Sarcophagus which she had claimed. Strigas are classified as Cursed Ones. (Humanoid, Small)

Werewolf Werewolves combine the most terrible qualities of both wolves and Humans, being ruthless as humans, and with the bloodlust of Wolves. Their transformations are unwilling and very unpleasant. When they return to their human forms, they rarely remember the terrible atrocities committed in their other form. They are classified as Cursed Ones. (Humanoid, large)

Wyvern Wyverns are reptilian-like creatures which fly. Many times, they will, rather than fighting head-on, take to the air and try to hit you that way. They are dangerous creatures. Wyverns are classified as Draconids. (Draconid, Large)

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