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Other Size Monsters[edit]

Name CR Speed Size Type Alignment
5e Boss Preload
Adult Prismatic Dragon 29 40 ft., fly 80 ft. Colossal dragon neutral
Ancient Blue Inferno Dragon 37 70 ft., fly 140 ft. Colossal dragon lawful good
Ancient Mithral Dragon 42 90 ft., climb 90 ft., fly 180 ft. Colossal dragon lawful good
Ancient Prismatic Dragon 36 50 ft., fly 100 ft. Titanic dragon neutral
Annihilation 50 1240' fly Colossal Outsider Neutral*
Armored Knight Ramaha 50 60 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover) Titanic celestial lawful evil
Avatar of Death, Rebalanced 60 ft., fly 60 ft. (hover) Equal to the size of the creature that summoned it undead neutral evil
Avatar, Source of Imagination and Destruction 50 400 ft Colossal+ Akasha Chaotic Evil
Azazog, The Black King 50 600 ft, fly 600 ft, swim 600 ft Titanic dragon neutral evil
Colossal Titan 45 150 ft. Titanic aberration lawful evil
Crown of the Faceless Queen (5e Equipment) 0 10ft (13 > Hit Points = Tiny) (32 > Hit Points = Small) (33 < Hit Points = Medium) ooze Unaligned
Dalgyreth the Unholy 6 10 ft. Giant Monstrosity Chaotic Evil
Deathly Servant (5e Spell) Same as in Life 20ft. Same Size as Creature Body undead Neutral
Elder Chroma Dragon 50 80 (160 flying) colossal Dragon Chaotic Evil
Gazimon 2 35 ft Monstrosity Neutral Evil
Great Wyrm Black Dragon 32 40 ft., fly 150 ft., swim 40 ft. Titanic dragon chaotic evil
Great Wyrm Blue Dragon 33 40 ft., burrow 60 ft., fly 180 ft. Titanic dragon lawful evil
Great Wyrm Force Dragon 41 60 ft., fly 120 ft. Titanic dragon neutral
Great Wyrm Mithral Dragon 50 180 ft., climb 180 ft., fly 360 ft. Titanic dragon lawful good
Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon 41 60 ft., fly 120 ft. Titanic dragon neutral
Great Wyrm Red Dragon 39 40 ft., climb 40 ft., fly 150 ft. Colossal dragon chaotic evil
Hydra God 50 60 ft., swim 80 ft. Titanic Monstrosity Chaotic Evil
Jormungand 30 50 ft., burrow 40 ft., swim 120 ft. Titanic monstrosity chaotic evil
Lion Turtle 30 30 ft., Swim 60 ft. Colossal Monstrosity Lawful Good
Living City 50 120 ft. Titanic construct unaligned
Living Dimension 38 fly (hover) 60 ft. Colossal aberration Neutral
Mega Tarrasque 30 50 ft Colossal Monstrosity Unaligned
Mega Tarrasque;Second form 42 60 feet Colossal+ Monstrosity chaotic Evil
Megademon 36 120 ft. Colossal fiend chaotic evil
Mythic Tarrasque 50 60 ft. Titanic monstrosity chaotic evil
Primordial Gleeok 30 60 ft., fly 90 ft. Colossal dragon neutral evil
Sea God 28 30 ft., swim 120 ft. Colossal monstrosity chaotic evil
Sea Serpent, Variant 30 100 ft., burrow 100 ft., swim 200 ft. Titanic monstrosity lawful good
Sheep of Holding (5e Equipment)
Skeleton Fairy Skeleton variable 30 ft., 25 ft., or 0 ft. Small or Medium undead unaligned
Star Eater Core Body 400 18000000000 ft. Titanic Monstrosity Unaligned
Star Eater Neck 99 0 ft Titanic Monstrosity Unaligned
The Intellect 28 60 ft., or per object (See Immaterial Form) Variable size Aberration Neutral
The Lost Children 7 30 ft. Small/Medium humanoid Chaotic Neutral
Titan Of Snakes 165 250 ft., burrow 250 ft. Titanic Titan/celestial Chaotic Evil
Walking Castle 35 80 ft. Colossal construct neutral
Warmech 40 300 ft., fly 300 ft. (hover) Colossal construct lawful neutral
Werewolf, variant 30 ft human form, 60 ft wolf/hybrid form Medium (human form), Large (wolf/hybrid form) Humanoid any alignment (human form), chaotic evil (wolf/hybrid form)
Zombie Boss 40 200 ft. Titanic undead neutral evil

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