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Feat Prerequisites Benefit
Built Body Your superhero has reached the pentacle of athleticism and physical fitness. This has resulted in a very strong and stout hero who can dish out and receive much more than the common man.

Elemental Extraction Your superhero is capable of calling forth one of the four classical elements (picked upon taking of feat) and utilizing it for personal nees or gain.

Master Manipulator The character has telekinetic powers, allowing him to move objects without touching them.

Mind Meld The character has telepathic powers, and is able to see into and alter the minds of others.

Road Runner A frenzied blur of superspeed, the Road Runner origin feat grants superheroes with the ability to move at an amazingly fast speed.

Size Matters Your superhero is able to alter their own matter resulting in either increasing or decreasing the mass of their own body.

Winged Wonder The Winged Wonder origin feat grants the super hero the power of flight.
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