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Road Runner [Origin]

A frenzied blur of superspeed, the Road Runner origin feat grants superheroes with the ability to move at an amazingly fast speed.
Prerequisite: Use of the Super or Sinister supplemental mechanic, Can only be taken at Character Creation
Benefit: The superhero has discovered that he or she has the ability to run at remarkable speeds. As the character learns to control this speed and grows more powerful, he or she will be able to push this ability to even higher levels of speed (see Table:Road Runner below).
Normal: A character would not move at such supersonic speeds
Special: The taking of this feat opens up the option of taking any honing feats with the Road Runner prerequisite.
Table:Road Runner
Character Level Speed** Focused* Speed**
1 60 ft. 40 ft.
2 70 ft. 50 ft.
3 100 ft. 60 ft.
4 130 ft. 70 ft.
5 160 ft. 80 ft.
6 200 ft. 90 ft.
7 240 ft. 100 ft.
8 290 ft. 110 ft.
9 340 ft. 120 ft.
10 400 ft. 130 ft.
11 470 ft. 140 ft.
12 550 ft. 150 ft.
13 630 ft. 160 ft.
14 710 ft. 170 ft.
15+*** 800 ft. 180 ft.

*A speedster may run amazingly fast when running is all they are doing, but while focused some of their body's tools are being used for other purposes and their speed reduces as such. Utilize this speed while in combat or turn-based rounds.
**This speed is for a Superhero who only has the Road Runner origin feat. Any road runner honing feats taken may increase this speed, and the exact increase will be shown on the honing feat's description.
***Beyond this level, keeping track of the speed of the character becomes more of a hassle with game mechanics. The Dungeon Master should use the previous speed progression as a base in allowing or denying any speedster's requested movement.

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