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Mind Meld [Origin]

The character has telepathic powers, and is able to see into and alter the minds of others.
Prerequisite: Use of the Super or Sinister supplemental mechanic, Can only be taken at Character Creation
Benefit: The superhero has discovered that he or she has the ability to read thoughts and influence others minds, or out right take control of them. Deciphering meanings, uncovering secrets, controlling thoughts, or simple telepathic conversation - the abilities are only limited by the imagination of the player (and possibly the alignment of the character). (see Table:Mind Meld below).
Normal: A character would not be able to sense thoughts or afflict minds naturally.
Special: The taking of this feat opens up the option of taking any honing feats with the Mind Meld prerequisite.
Table:Mind Meld
Character Level Charisma Score Granted Ability
1 * Read Thoughts 2/day
2 -
3 +1 Psionic Charm 2/day
4 -
5 +1 Precognition 2/day
6 -
7 +1 Control Body 1/day
8 -
9 +1 Psychic Vampire 3/day
10 -
11 +1 Modify Memory 1/day
12 -
13 +1 Aversion 2/day
14 -
15 +1 Greater Precognition 2/day
16 -
17 +1 Psionic Revivify 1/day
18 -
19 +1 Hypercognition 1/day
20 -

*A character taking this feat must put there best score into Charisma. This score is then automatically upgraded to the wonderful score of 18. However, the character must still "waste" their top rolled ability score (or if using a point buy system, must point buy a score higher or matching the highest they bought on the others) in strength. This prevents padding of other abilities. If any templates or racial adjustments then increase this number, they may be applied after the adjustment to 18.

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