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Master Manipulator [Origin]

The character has telekinetic powers, allowing him to move objects without touching them.
Prerequisite: Use of the Super or Sinister supplemental mechanic, Can only be taken at Character Creation
Benefit: The superhero has discovered that he or she has the ability to move objects with the use of his mind. As the character learns to control this ability and grows more powerful, he or she will be able to move larger items from further away and even eventually unwilling individuals. (see Table:Master Manipulator below).
Normal: A character would not be able to move items with thoughts alone.
Special: The taking of this feat opens up the option of taking any honing feats with the Master Manipulator prerequisite.
Table:Master Manipulator
Character Level Wisdom Score Granted Ability
1 * Mage Hand at will**
2 -
3 +1 Mage Hand up to 10 lbs.
4 -
5 +1 Mage Hand up to 25 lbs.
6 -
7 +1 Mage Hand magic items
8 -
9 +1 Mage Hand magic items up to 10 lbs.
10 -
11 +1 Mage Hand magic items up to 25 lbs.
12 -
13 +1 Mage Hand both*** items even while attended
14 -
15 +1 Mage Hand attended items up to 50 lbs.
16 -
17 +1 Mage Hand attended items up to 100 lbs.
18 -
19 +1 Mage Hand people up to 200 lbs.
20 -

*A character taking this feat must put there best score into Wisdom. This score is then automatically upgraded to the wonderful score of 18. However, the character must still "waste" their top rolled ability score (or if using a point buy system, must point buy a score higher or matching the highest they bought on the others) in strength. This prevents padding of other abilities. If any templates or racial adjustments then increase this number, they may be applied after the adjustment to 18.
**The character may utilize Mage Hand as the spell at will, but does not need to point a finger at the object.
***In this context, both means any item either magical or non magical.

Moving People

At character level 19, the Master Manipulator may move individuals of up to 200 lbs. If the character is willing, then this ability happens as presented. If an unwilling character wishes to try not to be moved, that character (typically an NPC led by the dungeon master) must make a Will save DC 15 + the master manipulator's wisdom modifier.

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