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Built Body [Origin]

Your superhero has reached the pentacle of athleticism and physical fitness. This has resulted in a very strong and stout hero who can dish out and receive much more than the common man.
Prerequisite: Use of the Super or Sinister supplemental mechanic.
Benefit: The superhero has discovered that he possesses strength and physical power much greater than others of his race. Additionally, this physical prowess has resulted in a tough body that can handle more than others are able to. These abilities slowly grow as the character increases in level (see Table:Built Body for the exact improvements.
Normal: A character would normally not be near as strong or tough.
Special: The taking of this feat opens up the option of taking any honing feats with the Built Body prerequisite.
Table:Built Body
Character Level Strength Score Special
1 *
2 - Toughness
3 +1
4 - Toughness
5 +1
6 - Toughness
7 +1
8 - Toughness
9 +1
10 - Toughness
11 +1
12 - Toughness
13 +1
14 - Toughness
15 +1
16 - Toughness
17 +1
18 - Toughness
19 +1
20 - Toughness

*A character taking this feat must put there best score into Strength. This score is then automatically upgraded to the wonderful score of 18. However, the character must still "waste" their top rolled ability score (or if using a point buy system, must point buy a score higher or matching the highest they bought on the others) in strength. This prevents padding of other abilities. If any templates or racial adjustments then increase this number, they may be applied after the adjustment to 18.

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