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NPCs without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Race Levels Description
Alaina Elf 5 wizard A Tall, beautiful elf, with long blonde hair and fair skin.
Bergthor Strongbeard dwarf barbarian 3/fighter 2 A dwarven mercenary with a short fuse.
Chasm Guard Ninja human scout 3CAd/ninja 2CAd A scout from the chasm who was taken when he was a child to become a ninja and when was given to the Captain of the guards as a sign of peace between them because of their unsteady relations.
Ezekial Hogarth human paladin 5 A human paladin of Zebulon
Karin, level 4 Catian Ranger 4 After a few years exploring, she is still eagar to learn more.
Kevin the Redundant Werewolf Gnoll Barbarian 1 "Ummm, did he change yet?"
Lord Rainhall human aristocrat 6 The lord of Blueblood
Mahrohk Lizardfolk Druid 4 An adventurous young Lizardfolk Druid, exploring the world until the previous Druid in his clan dies
Namorina Goblin Cleric 5 A goblin woman who crossdresses as a man and worships Ahti.
Nobility in Western Pansaer Various Various The noble men and women who make up the upper class in the western kingdoms.
Ollo Beron human cleric 5 Human cleric of Pelor.
Silalaqui Sarli
Talaglad Silverhand Half-elf Ectomancer 5 would be a good support character due to his flexible class
Torg Cudean Dwarf Cleric 4 A dwarf cleric fanatically devoted to the sun god Auri.
Yōgo-sha Human Sandbender Devoted defender of the desert temple of Karura

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