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Hero deities without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.
Name Alignment Portfolio Favored Weapon
A'ahto-El Chaotic Neutral Conquest, war, strength, athletes, victory, survival Maul
Alabastor Chaotic Neutral Anyone who wields fire Light Crossbow
Anglo Chaotic Justice Honor, Leadership Sword
Arnleif Lawful Neutral Tradition, Cold, Ice, Winter, Vikings, Northern Wastes Longbow (Usually enchanted with Frost or Icy Burst)
Cykon Evil His own army Fang and claw
Davros Lawful Good the royal line of Uthdamel Short Sword
Galagus, Lord of doom True Neutral Honor, Anger, Loyalty, Endurance, Strength, War. Colossal Adamantine greatsword
Hercules Chaotic Good Good, Honor, Rebellion, Quests, Strength, Heroism a +2 club
Ohmriel Lawful Good Unknown Bastard Sword
Ordmal Chaotic Evil Unknown Bastard Sword
Salavr Chaotic Evil Assassinations, Death, Chaos and the Brotherhood Of Darkness Dagger
Sopo Chaotic Good Interupted Meals, Dead relatives Improvised
Sulejmani Chaotic Neutral Assassination, Ruthless Anything that can be used as assassination
Termepio-Hinoj Lawful Evil Censorship Greatclub
The Green Gear Neutral Good Technology, Knowledge, and Outcasts Soulblade and all Clockwork Weapons
The Heroic Ten Lawful Good Defending Tunnels, Drow Invasions Longspear
Tomio Chaotic Awesome Procrastinating in class 99 Sword of Ultimate Win
Trew Chaotic Good Joy, Chaos, Good, Spell, Undeath Touch Attack
Yasuo the Chained True Neutral Cutlass w/ Hidden Dagger
Hero deities with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.
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