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Symbol: The physical manifestation of Awesome
Home Plane: Plane of Awesome
Alignment: Chaotic Awesome
Portfolio: Procrastinating in class
Favored Weapon: +99 Sword of Ultimate Win
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Tomio is known to be a devilishly handsome ladies man who is commonly seen completing tasks of a heroic nature, like raiding the freezer to see if there is anymore ice cream left, or sleeping when there is homework to be done. His ranks of friends grow daily, as more and more people are inducted into the Eternal Church of Tomio (see below), swayed by his emense masculinity and awesomeness.


You join the Eternal Church of Tomio simply for its sheer awesomeness.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

If you do not join the Eternal Church of Tomio, you are considered scum and not worth even the bullet (or arrow)it would take to end your pathetic life. There was once a little boy who refused to join the Church. For the rest of his mundane life, he was ostracized and ignored until one day he just happened to wander into a cave full of dragons (which he was mistakenly told was full of treasure) and was promptly eaten. The moral of this story is to join the Church of Tomio, or else bad stuff will happen to you.

If you DO join the Church, people from around the world will adore you and shower you with gifts. Anyone who does not share that view is obviously mistaken and ignorant in their ways. They are jealous and stupid, and live boring, miserable lives, sprinkled with sporadic moments of excitement when you grace them with your presence. However, It is advised that you do not meddle with these insolent fools, so as not to catch their stupidity. That is all

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