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Symbol: Red flame with crossed crossbow bolts
Home Plane: Material Plane
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Anyone who wields fire
Favored Weapon: Light Crossbow
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Born of human parents, he dedicated his life to conquering the flame and wield its destructive power to his own ends. Alabastor walked both paths of the flame, arcane and divine (even though he worshipers no deity). One of the overlord deities saw his devotion to fire, and granted him the title of quasigod (rank 0). Now immortal, he furthers his goals in hopes of achieving a greater power and understanding over fire. He is Cleric 10/Sorcerer 10/ Mystic Theurge 10


To wield the powers of fire to further their goals (regardless of those goals)

Clergy and Temples[edit]

All of his worshipers are arsonists and pyromaniacs. Alabastor has only one formal place of worship: his flaming castle. Built out of entirely brimstone, it is constantly ablaze. There is an area of lesser heat where his worshipers assemble, thought it is still uncomfortably hot.

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