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The Green Gear[edit]

Symbol: A six Cog gear with a glowing array of green circuitry on the right side, and a blood soaked left side. A scythe is engraved into the left side.
Home Plane: Plane of Mechanus
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Technology, Knowledge, and Outcasts
Favored Weapon: Soulblade and all Clockwork Weapons



The Green Gear is the leader of the "Blood Gear" Clan, in his favorite realm of Mechanus. He resides in a clockwork mansion that sits seven miles above the Central Gear. The mansion sits on a huge cog that is covered in moss and plants, while standing on the gear you see a blue clear sky above you.

The Green Gear seeks out all sentient beings who are outcast from society. He brings them to his masion and houses them there, so one day they can help those who rebuked them, and hopefully redeem themselves.


While you are with Gear's Clan you will not receive any penalties for your allignment on Mechanus. you will also be expected to follow certain rules: Learn to forgive all who have wronged you, learn to better yourself so that you can protect those who need it and secrch the world for those in need.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

The mansion that the Green Gear resides in is a safehome for all who need it, the mansion has a massive book collection for those who need knowlege of all forms of magic. The grounds around the mansion are used for sparring and specialized combat training. The combatants can go "all-out" since the plants regenerate and the cog and the mansion are indestructible.*there is also a room where machines can heal the most violent of wounds*

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