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Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Backup Qualf Four Arms needs to work with downtime activities (e.g. look at crafting, it progresses at value-per-day; also I don't think this should effect social activies such as sowing rumours?)
Blackheart (5e Race) Large size issues.
Bungis (5e Race) Equipment works awkwardly as a racial trait. Wouldn't it be better to describe the items properly on respective equipment pages, then just give the race proficiency in those items? "You have proficiency with any weapon which deals ranged damage" should probably just be "You have proficiency with simple and martial ranged weapons", although that's really broad.
Chosen Undead (5e Race) As usual, there's a "soul absorbing"-type feature that isn't described well enough: Does it use an action or some other period of time? What is a "defeated enemy"? It works on undead and constructs? What does "reset" mean, does it mean the number of souls you have goes to 0? What action is used to expend the souls? How is the damage of a weapon increased?; If the race is undead, are they still Humanoid type? Do they still breathe, eat and sleep?; Dark Sigil doesn't make much sense either.
Coldvein (5e Race) This race has 2 common damage immunities and 3 condition immunities, and +4 ASI. The bad parts, is not huge enough to merit this amount of natural tankyness
Corollin (5e Race) see talk
Devas (5e Race) Racial traits are poorly defined and are not exactly functional.
Draconic Angel (Variant) (5e Race) Way too powerful and too many traits. I recommend comparing this race to the harpy or EEPC's Aarakocra.
Dunkleonoid (5e Race) Need to explain the ramifications of Large size. Can they use Large weapons? What is this underwater walking speed, is it for walking along the sea bed, or is it supposed to be a swimming speed? All traits considered, this is overpowered.
Ghost, variant (5e Race) A player-character of this race cannot function in a normal campaign. See talk page for details.
Gilldren (5e Class) Poorly defined traits.
Glass Angel (5e Race) Needs to better use 5e terminology, for example "vulnerability" instead of "double damage". 2d4 on unarmed attacks makes lower level monks too powerful.
Graug (5e Race) AC bonuses too large, 1d8 unarmed strike, ect. Interacts poorly with class choice.
Great saber tooth (5e Race) Race takes on a great number of features, and doesn't work well with the standard classes. Can be resolved by making a custom class.
Half-Basilisk (5e Race) At 1st level, stunning a creature for even 1 round is a big deal, but here we have a feature that uses round counting, and stuns a creature even if they pass the saving throw!
Half-Devil (5e Race) Overpowered, too many traits, needs a major formatting, spelling, grammar and balance update to meet wiki standards. The removable of needsbalance stubs when the race hasn't met this standard is prohibited.
Heartless (5e Race) See talk page.
Ichal (5e Race) Some of the traits don't make sense.
Inchling (5e Race) Some of the problems this race faces is that you can not hold most weapons, you can not hold items like components for spells, and you can not get to creatures that are on a several foot tall platforms or that are floating. The height size of this race was not well thought out, as you can do next to nothing based on your height with this race as it currently stands.
Krogan (5e Race) This race has too many powerful race features, and may be overpowered as a result. See talk page.
Lupox (5e Race) Despite supposedly being a 5th edition race, includes racial bonuses to skill checks, which 5E has done away with. Additionally, there's no such thing as extraordinary abilities (a 3.5ism) in 5E.
Metalborn (5e Race) See talk page
Multiplectic (5e Race) Clone Self. So there's me and 6 clones carrying identical equipment. It doesn't say how they act except "they take telepathic orders", so I assume they move and take actions as the player directs. I can use them to box in enemies and block their movement. My damage output each turn is 7d10 (say, with a longsword or fire bolt; at 5th level my damage output becomes 14d10). If I have the axe of the dwarvish lords, now I have six more copies of it. A clone might only have 5 HP, but I can make a new one every turn. Since a clone is identical to me, they can make their own clones too.
Ore Beast (5e Race) Awful mechanics. Specifically, poorly designed traits. It creates a cantrip in-feature rather than linking to a separate spell article. It does not use the phrasing of the source material. Some clunky wording would allow a rules lawyer to abuse this race severely.
Ork (Warhammer 40k) (5e Race) Race uses round counting, does not take into account how powerful the Large size is, so the race is overpowered, and has ability score increases that resemble earlier editions(negatives don't balance out the positives).
Ottsel (5e Race) See talk page.
Pathfinder Tengu (5e Race) 5e doesn't have "racial bonuses" (a 4e term) and uses numeric bonuses only in a limited way. They have "tengu" as a language, so the language needs to be described (what script does it use?). Swordtrained reels off a bunch of weapons that are not in the PHB; if they are homebrew you need to link to them. Low-light is also a 4e term. ("see twice as far in dim light" doesn't make sense in 5e.
Plague Rat (5e Race) Easiliy giving diseases to other creatures is not even close to being balanced, see the contagion spell for reference as it is a 5th level spell that might give a creature 1 disease.
Rakshasa (5e Race) Invincible.
Ratmen (5e Race) Race has too many powerful traits
Revenant (5e Race) Some of this needs further clarification. How do you go about possessing a corpse? Specifically, what actions would you need to take in order to make that happen? With adversary, apparently you transform into a soul version of yourself, but this is never explained in more detail.
Runeterra: Ionian (5e Race) See talk page
Ryujin (5e Race) Design should not grant inherent flight (movement types need to be designed by DD or fixed).
Scorpion-kin (5e Race) They get a lot of stuff, and there is a lot of overlap between the subraces.
Seraph (5e Race) Massively Overpowered.
Seriphaurus Literally every racial trait seems to be intentionally overpowered. Taking the cake are a +6 to any ability score, resistance to weapon damage at all times, 60 foot flight speed at all times without drawback, unfailing ability to charm anyone you want, and "1.5 times damage" from any weapon you wield—all of which would be ludicrously overpowered on their own. -*fixed*-
Shadow unknown The poisons are too powerful. You shouldn't be able to paralyze at 1st level, let alone for 1 minute without a repeat save. Too many ability score bonuses, this isn't 3e. Please look at the Player's Handbooks to see how level-scaled saving throws and repeated saves work.
Shifter (5e Race) This race does not appear to be standard and as such needs a design disclaimer, detailing how the race is different than normal(ASI get turned into flexile points that you can use on any ability score).
Shiki (5e Race) Traits are very rough. Blood thirsty and infection aren't even usable.
Sith (5e Race) Some of the traits are not worded correctly, and are often overpowered.
Slimefolk, Variant (5e Race) This variant is essentially an overpowered version of the Slimefolk_(5e_Race) it is based on.
Soulborg (5e Race) See talk page.
Space Pirate (5e Race) Large size is a balance issue, unless it can be justified in a campaign setting. Even disregarding size, the race is overpowered.
Swamp Lord (5e Race) "This is my land!" is not correct. It mentions a swamp - is that what the circle creates? Grants far too much hit point recovery, and you don't keep track of turns during a 5 minute duration (It's 50 turns, or enough to top yourself up to maximum hit points. You may as well say "if you spend 5 minutes in the circle, you regain all your hit points" -- now it sounds overpowered, doesn't it?
Sylfaen (5e Race) Too many traits.
Tauren (5e Race) Use of oversized weapons is quite powerful, often adding 1d6 or more damage to each attack. This needs limiting in some way, or reducing the other traits.
Tonka (5e Race) Traits need rewriting, as 5e doesn't handly bonuses and penalties in this way.
Toosh, Variant (5e Race) Riddled with errors. Salvager: What "battlefield"? If I spend 8 hours a day searching, I can gain 96 gp per day. Are Toosh societies filthy rich? Where does all the gold come from? Ahdow Slumber: No, rests are never half length, please consider what happens to HD/resource economy if you get two rests while everyone else gets one. Cover of Dark, Transcendence and many others make little sense. Ammo Hunter is pointless, as this is DM adjudicated anyway, and I could just buy new ammo for that 1 gp.
Treant (5e Race) This has changed from Medium to Large size from when I last saw it, but the implications of Large size hasn't been taken into consideration. For example, arm club doesn't seem very useful when I can wield a large-sized club that deals 2d4 damage, or a large-sized greatclub that deals 2d8 damage. See Large Races (DnD Guideline)
Troll (5e Race) This race has several overpowered traits, look at the traits Horn Attack, Psionic Capabilities, Diverse Masters, and Chucklevoodoos. Even the other sub-races and race combined have a few too many traits to be balanced.
True Dragonborn (5e Race) Much stronger than anything in the SRD; see talk.
Unicorn (5e Race) Trample and Hooves traits are overpowered.
Unknown (5e Race) Horribly unbalanced.
Ursian (5e Race) How does this race hold weapons? Also, the race needs to change round counting (3 turns) to something else(until the start of your next turn, 1 minute, ect.). Also the Resemble Bear trait could probably be changed to you can permanently act like a bear.
Valheru (5e Race) See talk page.
Viperfish (5e Race) If taken at face value, Lantern's Light is comparable to 7th-or-8th-level spell but can be used at will. Light Camouflage can apparently be used to emulate a 2nd-level spell, at will, under typical dungeon conditions.
Volki (5e Race) Devotion [sic] is undefined.
Wilderi (5e Race) "when you receive an attack on your back" doesn't mean much unless you are using the optional facing rules. If that is the case, it needs pointing out, and an alternative given for those not using that rule. "lose all the mental effect" doesn't mean anything, nor does "heal for 1d8" (but I can guess that it means recover 1d8 hit points)
YoRHa Android (5e Race) Why does the black box explosion deal force damage? Is it magical? What does "supported by a bunker" mean? The features of this race seem to support repeated self-destruction and "re-spawning", with a level of damage that is abusable at low levels (save it for the adventure's BBG, then boom, defeated in 1st round).


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Death Elf (5e Subrace) Ah, the good old "cannot be killed." This along with necrotic absorption makes this too powerful.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Alchemist of nonmagic (5e Class) Alchemical Knowledge is too vague an should not be left up to DM, because they can make your potions either impossible to get or give you materials to make hundreds.
Arcane Lobber (5e Class) 1st and 2nd levels are quiet weak.
Arisen (5e Class) Extremely questionable balance. This class frequently gains proficiency and advantages at a game breaking rate. Many things need to be adjusted such as: gaining the Extra Attack feat at 3rd level which is too early, gaining an ability score increase at 5th level (right after the ability score increase feat every character gets at 4th level and so on) as well as increasing all weapon dice, constant proficiency and advantage gains, immunity to exhaustion at 15th level, permanent doubled health at 17th level, not needing air at 18th level, and dealing 6 times damage to dragons.
Assassin, Assassin's Creed Variant (5e Class) Fails to define who counts as an "innocant". Expertise is not an actual keyworded mechanic in 5e, it is a specific class feature. The Creed #3 is not a game mechanic. The first level feature assumes the player is is it the starting gear provided by the class. This is only an option available to the player. If they decide to purchase their gear through random starting wealth, they would not have the blade the feature depends on. Also at level 1, using the class effectively in combat means your starting weapon should almost always deal 1d6+2d4 damage. At level 1. At this point, I'm done critiquing, this is clearly meant for an extremely specific type of game. A {{Design Disclaimer}} may be necessary, even after it is made technically sound.
Black Blood (5e Class) This class has a few questionable features including damage reflection, creating a clone, and has static bonus or negatives to ability scores and saving throws. Many features are not clear how they are activated (action, bonus action, reaction) and when the effect ends. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Bone breaker (5e Class) class reworked recently, needs reviewed/peer reviewed for balancing suggestions
Brewmaster (5e Class) See talk page
Card Slinger (5e Class) There are no free actions in 5e, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Card summoner (5e class) See talk.
Child of Phobos (5e Class) This class has a d10 hit die with 4 attacks and several features that frighten other creatures or augment combat. The class also has round counting, too many features, and a few features that are broken or overpowered(Phobias within 10ft of you grant you resistance to all damage, Fear Fuel, Spellbreaker, Mislead, deja vu, mislead) or break rules, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). Also, why is Strength not your highest ability score, and why is Charisma not listed at all since this is a class about frightening others?
Chronoblade (Balanced) Unless the feat restriction is referring to the class bonus feats only, the DM adjudicates what feats are available. All the power point values are unnecessarily multiples of 5. Time Manipulation should be Su rather than Ex. Attack and Damage bonuses look like they excessively stack.
Chronolord (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not gain features when it gains spell slot levels. The class also breaks the bounds of what a class should be able to do in 5e, with the class being able to cast multiple spells as an action, taking a full turn by your self is a feature, round counting, and other problematic features. The class also should be able to multiclass and have its spells moved to 5e Spells.
Chronomancer (5e Class) Features are ripe with a-typical parameters. Spells should be copied to 5e Spells.
Clairvoyant (5e Class) Feedback on the talk page
Conjurer (5e Class) Breaks action economy. Overloads the map with summons.
Constuct Artificer (5e Class) Needs to make better use of 5e rules, particularly with respect to constructs, swarms, construction times, etc
Crusader (5e Class) This class has round counting, it can make 4 attacks by 7th level, in general deals far too much damage, has a d12 hit die, can stun a creature at 2nd level, gains broken amounts of AC, and has numerous other broken features. See Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline) as well.
Cryomancer (5e Class) The class has a few broken or overpowered features such as Heart of Ice, Ice Plate of the Frozen Knight, blood of ice, Ice Born, ect. and also has two common saving throws. The class also gains a more than 1 feature or spell slot level at several levels.
Daemon Eater (5e Class) Archetypes go well beyond their intended boundaries, and don't seem connected to this class. See talk.
Dagger mage (5e Class) Feature spread needs improving, I find myself saying yet again (3rd time today): "some levels have no features, whilst some levels you gain a feature and a new spell slot level.
Dancer (5e Class) At a glance I noticed several little errors, needs going through with a toothcomb, I'll do this when I get the chance.
Dancer (Variant) (5e Class) See talk page.
Dark Meister (5e Class) Yet another darkshadownecrotic class. This one gets terminology wrong, has round counting, lacks definitions, poor balance (why am I investing in dealing 1d6 with an unarmed strike, when I'm wielding a martial weapon?), multiclassing prerequisites are even instead of odd, and so on.
Death Magus (5e Class) See talk page.
Demon Hunter (5e Class) Quick build isn't a quick build (and doesn't even mention Charisma, which seems to be an important ability for this class), two common saves, the no-feature level is in the wrong place (this should happen when you gain a new slot level, i.e. 13th not 14th, and some features should be removed at other new-slot-level levels, that's the price you pay for being a full spellcaster - I've also noticed that the slot levels are wrong too!), value of starting equipment is too high, too many skills, fiendish forseeing is really vague... just errors throughout, really; and quite overpowered.
Demon Huntress (5e Class) One dead level. Unarmoured Defense doesn't quite make sense (how does Str come into it? Why wouldn't Dex be a factor?) Doesn't really have a unique core feature, in fact most of this seems to be copied from the rogue class.
Demonic Assassin(Balanced) (5e Class) Demonic Possession doesn't say what action is needed, or how many of the traits you know. As such, it's difficult to determine how well balanced this is. The lore is a bit confused.
Dragonsoul (5e Class) What I just said at the near-identical Dragonslayer (5e Class)
Dream Walker (5e Class) Seems to be same as Warg (5e Class), which are you keeping? As I mention there, Warging is overpowered. If it were a spell, imagine what level it would be. Dominate Person is 5th level (you would have to be a 9th level wizard), this gives you vague control over a humanoid for 1 minute. Warging gives you perfect control over a humanoid indefinitely.
Druid of The Zerg Fairly comprehensive example of what not to do with a class. Could you not just make the statistic for the zerg creatures, then allow a PHB druid to wild shape into them?
Dualist (5e Class) Questionable design and balance, see talk page.
Elemental Pugilist (5e Class) This class's unarmed strikes do too much damage, and the class seems to have a lack of features.
Elemental Warrior (5e Class) This class should not gain features when it gains spell slot levels or when it gains ability score increases.
Elementalist (5e Class) Mostly doesn't make sense?
Field Medic (remade) Don't know if this is finished or not, but obviously at-will hit-point restoration is overpowered, basically making Hit Dice redundant.
Genovesan (5e Class) Various from Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline)
Gladiator (5e Class) I hope the rewrite is still in progress? Still a bit muddled. See if you can spot what isn't correct about the weapon proficiencies; then look at "Weapon Master" at 7th level. There are some dead levels, and yet other levels where you get multiple features. Keeps referring to a "gladius". This is a shortsword. Cultural renaming is done at the campaign level. Many features do not make sense.
God Eater (5e Class) Poorly designed features, some of which are incomprehensible (particularly the core feature, god arc). All of the features are combat related: a good class has interaction and exploration features too. Refers to "oversized" weapons, this is a variant rule that should be linked to and noted at the top.
Grave Walker (5e Class) See talk page
Human Puppet (5e Class) There isn't even any point to the Weaponized Body feature, as the shortsword I start with deals more damage and you should not be able to attack with it as a bonus action. Touch of Needles and Weaponized Body also does way to much damage as you start to level up. The variable amount of damage and range the features do does not fit 5e very well, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). The class also has a few too many features.
Hunter, Companion Variant (5e Class) The class has static bonuses/negatives to skill checks, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). Also, Natural Explorer has far too many effects, there is not a reflex save in 5e, and the class shouldn't have a custom spell slot table.
Imperial Warden (5e Class) see talk page
Jester (5e Class) Per talk page. Applies circumstantial advantages on a permanent basis; poor feature spread (10th level has a new spell slot level and misplaced extra attack and two other features. Many features use non-5e mechanics. Extra attack goes off the scales at later levels. Multiclassing prerequisites are incorrect. Almost everything is wrong, basically.
Kenpachi (5e Class)
Kineticists, Variant (5e Class) Abilities aren't quite balanced for proper use in a campaign yet, could use a little input or other changes.
King of Games (5e Class) See talk page
Knight of Bretonnia (5e Class) See talk page
Lich Knight (5e Class) Overpowerd class(high number of extra attacks with other features and Lichdom), also could this class be converted into an Warlock Pact?
Mageblade, Variant (5e Class) A lot of this is awkwardly worded and not to 5e design standards.
Magister Magi (5e Class) The class entails playing two characters at the same time with magic. Needs rewording and context to some abilities see talk page
Magus (Halfcaster) (5e Class) I need a free hand to cast spells, so half of the fighting styles are no good. The text for the archery style is wrong. Furthermore, since they cannot use an arcane focus, they ought to have a spell component pouch as starting equipment, unless you want the player to micromanage M components.
Mascot (5e Class) It may be a joke but it also needs to make sense. 5e doesn't have "critical failures" so that needs explaining. Nor does it have "critical success" for ability checks and saving throws. The gadgets aren't too well explained (can I reacquire when I lose one? Can I pass them out to my friends?)
Master of the Sword (5e Class) See talk page
MechMaster (5e Class) See talk page
Memory Make Mage (5e Class) Memory Bank is very vague, puts a lot of onus on the DM to assess new spells on the fly, potentially abusable.
Meteor Knight (5e Class) See talk.
Momentum Warrior (5e Class) Dubious balance. If I have an AC of 18, I have a +6 bonus to attack and damage rolls with unarmed strike ("only unarmed strikes?" Well, that's 7 damage, the average of 2d6). At 18th level, I have a +13 bonus, which is absurd. Throws in "you get a monk's martial arts feature" like its a trivial thing.
Monk of the Outer Planes (5e Class) At 14th level your base AC is 23. The expected cap (before circumstantial bonuses) is 20. There doesn't seem to be any reason to invest in Strength, so not sure why it is used in "fists of fury". What is the DC for "Indominable"? Has two "strong" saves. Has proficiency in "unarmed strike" and "simple weapons", even though an unarmed strike is a simple weapon. Extra attack needs to explain how the extra attack words (try standard wording for this). Well that's for starters I guess.
Monster Hunter (5e Class) Feature spread needs looking at. On some levels no new feature is gained, whilst on others you gain two - including the ASI levels! 1st level is quite weak, like a poor man's ranger.
Mudra shinobi (5e Class) Just to say, with Bird, your passive perception is "always on"; you can't choose to use it instead of an active check.
Naruto: Ninja v3 (5e Class) This class has two common saving throws. Unlimited casting of spells or spell like features(jutsus) is not balanced, see chakra. Most of the clan heritage features are overpowered and are only balanced "based on your DM's discretion". Many features or jutsus have round counting, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Naruto Ninja Class V2 (5e Class) See talk page
Necromancer, Variable (5e Class) Refers to "durability", which is not a 5e thing. No feature at 2nd level. Has spell slots but no spellcasting feature. The necromancer spell list says that you know an awful lot of spells, more than any other class. Many features do not work or are insufficiently explained.
Nephilim (5e Class) Spellcasting is a mess (doesn't say what spells you know; and no, cantrips shouldn't give people hit points back; and these cantrips do not have enough information to be spells.)
Nightbringer Incomplete definitions (Advantage not given circumstances; incomplete extra attack; "gain resistance to mental/psychic damage"; "critical fails on both 1s and 2s" (5e doesn't have critical fails); "gain +5 and advantage" (the advantage mechanic is designed to replace numeric bonuses); "immediate action" (5e doesn't have immediate actions); etc
Ninja, Naruto (5e Class) See talk page
Original Warcraft Shaman (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not have features when they gain spell slot levels.
Paradox Men (5e Class) See talk page
Persona user (5e Class) This needs some serious rewriting. "insta kill spell" - that's not a term I want to see anywhere in D&D.
Piper (5e Class) Feature spread needs improving. There are some levels where nothing new is gained, and yet other levels where you get a feature and a new spell slot level. Missing information and incorrect terminology throughout (e.g. rat swarm doesn't say what the save DC is for maintaining concentration; repeatedly refers to "major action" which is not a thing.)
Plague Doctor, Variant (5e Class) The class feature spread needs to be looked at.
Plague Doctor (5e Class) The class feature spread needs to be looked at. Full of little wording/terminology errors.
Projectionist (5e Class) Stub template was removed, so presume this is presented as complete. See talk page for issues.
Psion, Variant (5e Class) See talk page.
Psion (5e Class) See talk page.
Puppeteer (5e Class) Archetypes do not have a level progression.
Pyromancer (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not have features when they gain spell slot levels, and when they gain ability score improvements. The class also has several broken or overpowered features such as Smoldering armor, damage improvement at 4th level(Dancing with the Flames), immunity to fire damage at 5th level, With Fire and Sword, and most of the class's other features as well.
Reflectionist (5e Class) Didn't get far before there was a problem. Deflect: 1) "mitigating 1d4 damage.", 2) "free action", 3) "within the path of the attack". These have no definition in 5e mechanics. I know what its trying to get at, but it needs rewriting. Also, rolling a die to reduce damage is OK in limited cases, but it's not good to have that on every incoming attack. More problems further down, I see things like variable round-counting, which isn't done in D&D anymore.
Rift Weaver (5e Class) See talk page
Rune Craft (5e Class) See talk page
SOLDIER FF7 (5e Class) How is this class unique? Can this class not just be a fighter archetype?
Scarlet Sage (5e Class) Is something missing? They gain "ruby knowledge" at 1st level, which gives them 2 "arcane points": but I can't see anything they can do with these at 1st level. I'm not sure how spellstrike works. "Offensive spell" isn't a defined keyword. Some of the homebrew spells look like they have been copied from 3.5e (Lesser Regeneration has "Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)" range and "1 round/level (D)" duration for example). Little errors all over the place.
Scribe (5e Class) Core feature conflicts with the magic item rules in the DMG. The DM decides on the cost, availability, and creation process of creating a magic scroll. The recommended values of a 1st level spell scroll are a fraction of the cost presented below. Even if the campaign requires this class's method of making scrolls, the costs are beyond the means of low-level PCs, giving the class not much to do for a long time. d4 hit dice. Scribe Tracks seems to be describing occupation: anyone attempt these tasks anyway, using a downtime activity.
ShadowHunter (5e Class) See talk page
Shadow Assassin, Variant (5e Class) Check Talk Page
Shadow Assassin (5e Class) See talk page
Shadow Hunter(Balanced) (5e Class) This class seems to be a much more powerful version of the rouge, with a fighting style, an extra attack, bonus to damage, and other powerful features. There is also no such thing as a free action in 5e, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Shadow Knight (5e Class) This class has too many features at lower levels and has features when it gains spell slots. The class also does not use regular half spellcasting. Finally, the class's spells should be moved to 5e Spells and should provide a link to them instead of having them listed in the class.
Shadow Walker (5e Class) Either remove the features that you get on levels where you gain a new spell slot level; or change to a half or third spellcaster (and ditto). Dark Mana is basically Sorcery Points. If you call it the same thing, then it multiclasses with sorcerer nicely.
Shadowsoul (5e Class) Several features have poor definition, see talk page.
Shambali (5e Class) See talk page. please leave CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only.
Shield Maiden (5e Class) The benefits are not scaled correctly for D&D 5e.
Shieldbearer (5e Class) Gives both of the best saves, rather than one physical and one mental as is the trend in 5e. Several features are essentially hybridized fighting styles, so you don't have to choose. Some of the wording is so clumsy, it could be interpreted to do very strange things. Much of this depends on balance by obfuscation; it refers to properties that either don't make sense or don't exist. For example, how do you determine what the size class of a spell effect is? This class is also written with the trappings of 3.5e, using that game's traditions and terminology, such as "spot check", which did not reappear in 5e. --Kydo (talk) 04:59, 6 September 2017 (MDT)
Sky Mage (5e Class) See talk page
Soldier (5e Class) Exteremly overpowered class with multiple features that break rules. This class gets 4 attacks with an attack action, starts with 4 proficiencies and can get more, has broken fighting style options, and has multiple problems with the archetype features, some of which are gamebreaking or extremely overpowered(special tactics, gunner tactics, ect).
Soulbowman (5e Class) See talk page.
Space-Time Knight (5e Class) A sorcerer+rouge+monk in space time is not balanced. Choose the power of just one class. Also, this page uses round counting, free actions, etc.
Space-time Wizard (5e Class) This class has an absurd amount of features that upgrade without adding the upgrade to the class features table, see fighter and extra attack. The class has too many features at 1st level and 3rd level. The class has a non-standard save DC(10 instead of 8). A few features have odd wording on when the feature is recovered and a few other things that don't make sense(proficience), see more info on Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline). Energy Points and spellcasting are not sufficiently explained. Finally, multiclassing should be odd, among a host of other issues.
Speedster (5e Class) Extra Movement should be referring to initiative. Recommend having a set bonus or advantage so that the initiative value remains within expected values. At 4th level has two permanent advantages. Advantage should be circumstantial. Various other features are lacking enough definition to be properly usable.
Spellfire Wielder (5e Class) BTW, "dang powerful" is an accurate description. I'd give a detailed review, but frankly, I can't be motivated to care enough about a poor adaptation of an originally overpowered and uninspired spellcaster class.
Stand User Variant (5e Class) The stand is invisible, but can attack? This, along with confusing and overpowered abilities needs to be worked with.
Storage Magician (5e Class) Features need a better spread: sometimes you get a new spell slot level and a feature, but on other levels you don't get anything.
Storyteller (5e Class) Severly overpowered and vague; see talk page.
Super Hero (5e Class) This class has two common saving throws, any four skills(should be 2 if any), a d12 hit die, more powerful features than the fighter and deals more damage then them earlier, and it has the expertise provided by the rouge.
Swashbuckler, Variant (5e Class) Some dubious design here and there, e.g. Razor's Edge 2. I've seen weapon die increases to make simple weapons more viable, but now a one-handed weapon deals 1d12 damage; or longsword wielded in both hands deals 1d20 damage. I guess a greatsword deals 2d10 damage? Madness.
Tazer, Variant (5e Class) Parts of this are very hard to follow. Some mechanics are quite "non-5e". Multiclassing mentions a "Taser artefact", and starting equipment says "artefact(irremovable, skin melded)".. wuh?
Tempest Knight (5e Class) See talk page
Tenki Knight (5e Class) Narrow lens. Healer seems really broken at high lvl, at max lvl you can use 8D12 healing with a 1st lvl spell slot until you run out of spell slots.
Thaumic researcher (5e Class) I'm afraid a lot of this doesn't work, incorrectly calculated DCs, incorrect scaling of bonuses,
Tinkerling (5e Class) Definitions need improving. For example, we're not told that the "a small, handheld contraption" is. Is it a thrown weapon? Is it an object you can throw to a point within 60 feet like a grenade? Is the effect determined when you build it or when you throw it? Are the materials used to create it conjured out of nowhere, or should there be a gp cost? Or is that what tinker points represent (tinker points are not explained)
True Summoner (5e Class) Seems... pretty overpowered, largely because this seems to be a conversion of a powerful Pathfinder class. (I remember it being considered so powerful Paizo made an officially nerfed version of it, even.) Among other things, it has full casting and more cantrips than any other class, plus effectively a second character that is arguably better than some PCs would be on their own.
Vampire Slayer (5e Class) Advantage is supposed to be a circumstantial benefit, but Equaliser gives you advantage for whole battles. Consider a different benefit. Doesn't say what the base statistics are for a stake. Wording on Extra Attack is incorrect.
Vanguard (5e Class) Some of the features aren't defined well, some break unwritten rules (such as with Brutal: a saving throw made with every attack)
Voidblade (5e Class) Poorly balanced. "All is dust" is pretty bad for example.
Warcraft Death Knight (5e Class) Why is the runes and rune level spread so uneven? Shouldn't it be like the warlock slot level spread? We've got levels where you get a class feature and a new spell level, and a level where you don't get a spell slot level or a feature.
Warden "old school" (5e Class) This class has damage reduction and can get above 20 Strength or Constitution. The class also uses terms such as per combat, see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline).
Warmage (5e Class) This class is completely unbalanced because of the amount of damage the class deals along with getting several other features that boost capabilities in battle. The gets access to 4 attacks in an attack action, regains all used spell slots upon taking a short rest, bonuses to damage, half spellcasting, blood points, and the class has a d10 hit die.
Warpriest of Asgard (5e Class) OP seems to be confused as to what edition they are writing for
Wendigo (5e Class) Not balanced and very disruptive, see talk page.
Wetboy (5e Class) Items do not have a duration and could probably be created in 5e Equipment and linked here, Armour of Darkness is overpowered(it is armor byw), Crippling Strike gives access to too many options, Shadow's Swiftness is overpowered, Perception makes Perfect needs its duration changed to be standard(see Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline)), multiclassing prerequisites are always odd, and the archetypes needs fixing up.
Witch (5e Class) Various from Class Do's and Don'ts (5e Guideline), 10 minutes per witch level, five feet per level, spiritual sources(?), 3 turns, and a few broken features(right of exorcism stunning, Spirit Bonds, most of the archetype features, possessing bodies, large number of spells at the classes disposal, ect.)
Witch Doctor (5e Class) See talk page
Woad Warrior (5e Class) See talk page.
Wrestler (5e Class) There's quite a bit here that doesn't work well, it should be obvious where, but I can go into detail on request. One DM has found the damage output too high.
Yellow Sun Kryptonian (5e Class) Not even slightly balanced.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Chronomancer (5e Archetype) Overpowered and poorly worded.
Circle of the Lost (5e Archetype) See talk page.
Concentration Everfliers (5e Archetype) This... er.. this isn't how... sorcerous origins work?
Dagger Master (5e Archetype) Issues on talk page have not been addressed
Deep Curse (5e Archetype) Not sure what "while in your normal form" means, there's no mention of changing form anywhere else. "Cursed Gift" makes magic missile too powerful, as it makes many separate damage rolls, and the saving-throw-reduction thing is quite awkward (additional rolls on a round-by-round basis should be avoided; and given Constutition will be +4 or +5 at this stage, you may as well say the spellcaster has disadvantage on their saving throws)
Draconic Warrior (5e Archetype) 7th level gives you a whole bunch of powerful features.
Dragonknight (5e Archetype) See talk page.
Dread Master (5e Archetype) See talk.
Mediator (5e Archetype) 3rd and 9th level features emphasize strong Charisma, but the 3rd level feature emphasizes strong Intelligence. If my Cha is my primary or secondary ability score, then Meticulous Negotiator isn't much use.
Oath of Sacrifice (5e Archetype) The level 20 ability Ultimate Sacfrice is Game Breaking, makes the character into a unstoppable fighting force
Oath of the Deep (5e Archetype) This archetype gains access to mores spells than the regular paladin, and has overpowered features in Channel Divinity/Channel the Deep and Avatar of the Void.
Path of the Gorechosen (5e Archetype) Unrelenting is basically a stronger version of "Frenzy" from the Berserker, adding a very significant damage increase WHILE getting an absurdly high health regen at that. While Unwavering is okay, i think increasing the chances of a critical is especially strong in a barbarian who gets more critical damage dice, as well as in an archetype that gets a third attack per turn. Meanwhile Unstoppable is just outright overpowered in every single aspect, the free damage bonus being insane and stupid (as if the total damage output wasn't off charts already).
Phoenix Blood (5e Archetype) see talk page
Quantumancer (5e Archetype) By new user, not yet playtested, looking for feedback
Sellsword (5e Archetype) Coup de Grace still needs to be changed to a reasonable power level, and not be brokenly overpowered. Please compare this archetype to the thug.
Shieldman (5e Archetype) Abandoned by principle author, may need further tweaking to be balanced.
Warlock Patron: Celestial (5e Archetype) see talk page
Way of the Hermit (5e Archetype) Does not take care with the various stacking bonuses.
Way of the Kuda Spirit (5e Archetype) Since the only benefits you gain at levels 6 and 11 are minor upgrades, I'd recommend having new features unlock at those levels as well. Also, Energy Charging and Dash both need to be given a duration, and better wording for the upgrades. Also, what kind of action is used to activate them? Kuda Spirit also needs a duration change (5e doesn't have round-counting). I'd suggest 1 minute, which is equal to ten rounds.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Chronolord (5e Class) A full spellcasting class should not gain features when it gains spell slot levels. The class also breaks the bounds of what a class should be able to do in 5e, with the class being able to cast multiple spells as an action, taking a full turn by your self is a feature, round counting, and other problematic features. The class also should be able to multiclass and have its spells moved to 5e Spells.
Chronomancer (5e Class) Features are ripe with a-typical parameters. Spells should be copied to 5e Spells.
Conjure Devil Missing some basic information for this to function correctly (please compare with, well, the other conjure spells. Similarly, the CR needs adjusting (compare with conjure celestial)
Dance Fever (5e Spell) Doesn't really make much sense?
Death Pact (5e Spell) Full of errors.
Dimensional Lock (5e Spell) No attempt has been made to adapt this to 5e. Range and duration need fixing. Could probably be a ritual. Text needs to refer to spells that exist in 5e.
Divine Intervention (5e Spell) Needs to make some sense.
Elemental Blast (5e Spell) Is this automatic damage? Or is it a ranged spell attack? Why would water deal force damage?. As a bonus action, deals too much damage: suggest making it 2 damage (increasing to 4, 6, 8)
Final Spark (5e Spell) See talk page
Ghoul Touch (5e Spell) In a typical combat, this 2nd-level spell is more powerful than hold monster, a 5th-level spell.
Hallucinate (5e Spell) This is essentially the minor illusion spell. Is there any reason you can't use it instead?
Hart's Incredible Lightning Power Laser (5e Spell) At the moment, this is just a more powerful version of lightning bolt with no real defining characteristics outside of slightly increased damage (especially odd, considering that it is a level higher than chain lightning, which is in many ways an "improved version" of lightning bolt) and imposing disadvantage on the saving throw to mechanical targets.
Heated Hands There isn't an "immediate" casting time or a "melee" range, and you can't use spell slots to cast a cantrip. Please see the spell information in the PHB. Does the caster need to use an action to melt the ice?
Imbue Harmlessness (5e Spell) No, you can't negate a creature's ability to harm the party with a 5th-level spell (and without a saving throw, no less!)
Iridescent Ray (5e Spell) See talk.
Lullaby (5e Spell) This spell is too powerful for a cantrip. See the talk page for details.
Mage Melee (5e Spell) See talk page.
Prismatic Bow (5e Spell) See talk page.
Puppeteer (5e Spell) Comparing this 5th-level spell to dominate monster, it seems like it should be around 8th level. Either spell allows you to take control over any creature within 60 feet with one failed save, but for several reasons this one is much better in a combat situation, especially against a single boss-like creature.
Revert Time (5e Spell) A healing spell that is effectively "cure wounds but cures more," and is exclusive to classes that normally lack robust healing spells.
Schrödinger's Von Neumann–Wigner Quantum Revival Automatically casts when dead.
Shadow Knight (5e Class) This class has too many features at lower levels and has features when it gains spell slots. The class also does not use regular half spellcasting. Finally, the class's spells should be moved to 5e Spells and should provide a link to them instead of having them listed in the class.
Soul melt (5e Spell) Yet another instant-kill-9th-level-spell. You should not be able to one-shot a legendary creature or other boss. Maybe if you weaken it first... but power word kill spell already does exactly that. This spell also shouldn't work on constructs or undead, and should recognize that a wish or true resurrection spell should allow the target to revive.
Summoning of the anthill (5e Spell) Needs some mechanics to explain how this works. Also which classes can cast this spell?
Time Stride (5e Spell) See talk page.
Vortex Gaze (5e Spell) Range should be specified as length (as in, "n feet" or even "1 mile"), not "line of sight." Somatic component "must be visual," what does this mean? Oh, and this is even a stronger version of dominate monster and also a cantrip, which says a lot. See talk page for more.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Arcane Form (5e Feat) Starts by giving you the equivalent of an epic boon (boon of resilience), then adds more stuff on top of that. It is also preferable if the name of the feat can end the sentence "I am a ..." or "I am ..." 5e Feat Design Guide.
Automaton Crafter (5e Feat) CR shouldn't scale to GP in a linear fashion.
BattleCaster This feat is a whole other feat plus a bunch more. It's basically the Magic Initiate feat, but gives you more spells, as well as provides unlimited use of the Distant Spell and Quickened spell metamagic options, which usually require many sorcery points.
Battle Knowledge (5e Feat) Shouldn't have an Int prerequisite and increase your Int. Pick one!
Child of Ares (5e Feat) Still doesn't match purpose of feats. This should be an epic boon, not a feat. It increases the maximum of ability scores by 2, above the maximum, AND gives the user extra AC and something akin to "Half-Orc Resilience"
Deadly Initiator (5e Feat) +5 and advantage on initative rolls with high dexterity means your almost guaranteed to be at the top of the initiative list, giving you a +1 or +2 bonus on all attack rolls. The dps benefits alone are overpowered.
Elitist (5e Feat) Critical ranges are always set not stacked, as this isn't 3rd edition (and it should certainly never ever reach 15-20). Unclear why there are prerequisites.
Elusive 5e doesn't distinguish "outside" or "inside" combat. This is also a numeric bonus to Stealth and advantage to stealth, where the advantage mechanic was supposed to replace stacking bonuses, and is supposed to be circumstantial.
Exotic Animal Trainer (5e Feat) Makes an assumption about a DM adjudicated aspect of the game (i.e. animal training), so does not fit the scope of a 5e feat.
Farming Mastery (5e Feat) Combat features are slightly too strong for a feat, perhaps? Needs more fluffs.
Firearm Proficient The 2nd and 3rd benefit ought to be with a firearm mastery feat rather than bundled with proficiency. The 4th benefit shouldn't refer to a class feature. You could do something like "you always consider firearms to be simple weapons", so that they qualify as monk weapons
Furious Fists (5e Feat) Vastly increases the damage output of any character that takes it, especially monks. Removing templates without fixing the issues they bring up is not allowed.
Iaijutsu Master (5e Feat) This allows me draw, attack and sheathe every turn, thereby gaining a large bonus to attack and damage rolls with every attack made with that weapon. If combined with Dual Wielder or other feat that allows you to draw, the bonuses become especially ridiculous.
Master Caster (5e Feat) Doesn't adequately explain what happens to spells with multiple damage rolls. Do you add your modifier to each damage roll? If so that's really powerful. The saving throw feature is a bit dubious too, as strictly speaking you don't make the saving throw to "avoid or reduce damage", you make a saving throw against the effect of the spell (imagine a hypothetical spell in which if you fail the saving throw the caster can choose an effect, one of which is to deal damage... what happens?)
Monstrous Strength (5e Feat) This is outright better than the Resilient (PHB) and Brawny (UA) feats combined.
Observant Doesn't fit the scope of 5e feats. Such reliance on the DM to decide things is against the philosophy of feat design. In addition, you probably shouldn't need a feat to observe and learn about a creature, especially if it's up to the DM anyway.
One-Hit Wonder Well, firstly, you can't give up your action because you need it to make the attack. Secondly, you can't "give up" a bonus action: bonus actions are not like minor actions in 4e that are just waiting to be used, you might have a bonus action or you might not. Thirdly, weapons don't have "multi attack"; Multiattack is a feature that some monsters have. Fourthly, "Extra Attack" is a feature that some classes have, not a feat: I can't think why you would give up the extra attack for +2 damage. That leaves us with the movement sacrifice, which is a shame, because combat should be dynamic not stilted. The even-numbered prerequisite is the anti-cherry on the cake.
One Armed Master (5e Feat) This feat also lets me wield a longbow in one hand. The -2 penalty doesn't really offset being able to deal 1d12 or 2d6 damage in one hand. This isn't really how 5e feats should be, they are never just straight flavourless damage increases.
Pressure Point Striker (5e Feat) What if the target is an ettin with two heads? Or a remhoraz with dozens of legs? Or a skeleton?
Prodigy (5e Feat) Which can be paraphrased as: You gain proficiency in all musical instruments. Bland, does nothing interesting, and very questionable in actual gameplay.
Ranged Opportunist (5e Feat) See talk page.
Shundo Jutsu (5e Feat) See talk page.
Slender Tendril Mastery(5e Feat) So now I've had chance to read the parent page, I can say this more overpowered that I would have guessed. Tendrils attack as a bonus action. So this is an at-will bonus attack with a reach of 15 feet that deals up to 5d6 (untyped?) damage + 3d8 psychic damage.
Spell Surge Ritual (5e Feat) No reply on talk page.
Thorns Needs some limit to how often you can do this, as handing out vulnerabilities like cookies is quite abusable.
Thousand Cuts (5e Feat) There's no such thing as dagger-class weapons, nor bleed damage. In addition, the name and the actual benefit don't fit the scope of 5e feats. See Feat Design (5e Guideline)
Unstoppable Rage (5e Feat) This should be an archetype, not a feat. Feats should not be class specific, based off class features.
Varied Caster (5e Feat) An inferior version of Magic Initiate feat, I suppose. The wordings are ambiguous and confusing as well. (By the way, if I'm not supposed to add this template, please let me know - I just couldn't stop myself.) --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 03:39, 4 April 2017 (UTC)
Wild Speech (5e Feat) Feats shouldn't be dependent on a class feature. Perhaps instead grant the ability to always speak with beasts creature you share a language with? Currently, this might make a neat druid circle.
Xianghua (Rebalanced, 5e Feat) Not necessarily unbalanced, but it's still so specific in its abilities that it should a class archetype like a Monastic Tradition, not a feat.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Disease Elemental (5e Creature) I know you can technically set attack bonus to whatever you want, but why does it only have +2 to attack, given those high ability scores? I think it should also set itself to one particular disease rather than a "random disease", as some diseases are way beyond CR 6. Average damages for attacks are incorrect. Hit point calculation is incorrect.
Giant Fatal Wombat (5e Creature) Same issues as Fatal Wombat
Great Wyrm Force Dragon (5e Creature) See talk page.
Headsman (5e Creature) Waaaaay too strong for an ordinary headsman. For example, it has a higher Strength score than a gladiator.
Ichor Geist Thrust needs rewriting to better use 5e rules.
Mage (NPC) (5e Creature) Doesn't seem significantly different from the Mage NPC in the MM, except several values are incorrect (skills, for example)
Savior (5e Creature) Almost everything is wrong.
Sea Dragon (5e Creature) Primarily because this creature lacks any form of Multiattack, its current Challenge Rating of 16 is a vast overestimation of the current statistics (which put it roughly around CR 10). As was already stated on the talk page, Frightful Presence should be an action.
Sword Keeper (5e Creature) Way too weak for a CR 12 monster. Consider granting it Multiattack.
Ulfren (5e Creature) See talk page.


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Alien technology (open page, please edit) (5e Equipment) Substandard. The robot spider doesn't use D&D rules. Unless this is for a particular campaign setting, it should reference the Alien Technology sectio of the DMG.
Armor of Gurdians (5e Equipment) So you can have an infinite number of zombies, they don't require bodies, and you can farm souls until you can cast 2 arcane swords with this armor? How is having souls balanced over using charges for this armor?
Armor of the Undead Legion (5e Equipment) At first glance, this looks like expensive chain shirt with Stealth disadvantage. Then it mentions an "Abyssal Corruption table". I don't know what this is.
Axe of Changing State (5e Equipment) This weapon has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls and has additional transformations that do too much damage.
Barbarian Club (5e Equipment) The weapon deals far too much damage for a simple melee weapon(any weapon for that matter) and the effect the weapon has is quite strong.
Boots of the Trickster (5e Equipment) This item has an extremely specific attunement requirement and provides a static bonus to ability score while having broken regeneration.
Bringer of the Black Sky (5e Equipment) Inherent problem with ability score prerequisites, see talk page. Might be better treating this as a special weapon with a rarity (using the magic item template; it doesn't have to be magic) or have the additional properties unlocked with a feat or special training.
Bulwark Regalia (5e Equipment) Static decrease to the amount of damage taken by just weapons could be replaced with resistance to slashing damage from non-magical attacks. The armor also provides 21 AC with 2d6 extra damage for unarmed attacks.
Catarina Knight Armor (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Chain Knives (5e Equipment) A finesse weapon with reach should not be able to deal 2d6 damage, also what type of damage does this weapon deal?
Colichemarde Okay, so you start with a rapier, then you increase its damage by one step, then you add the light tag, then you add a AC bonus. That's three steps overpowered.
Cool Hat (5e Equipment) Does not meet 5e standards in many places. Charisma should be set to a value, not given a bonus. The statistics for the "chaotic neutral halflings " are nonsense. If you can roll on this chart once every minute, it will quickly become obnoxious.
Creeper's Sun (5e Equipment) See talk page
Crystal Pick of Minerals (5e Equipment) Needs rewriting so that it actually uses the rules. What is a "sonic" attack, and why does this vulnerability deal 50% more damage instead of what 5e vulnerability actually is? What is the Armor Class and Hit Points for, the item itself? What is the damage, is this a weapon? Shouldn't the shock lightning damage?
Dark Spear (5e Equipment) If this is a sentient weapon, please use the formatting for sentient weapons and be clear on what would cause a conflict. Non-5e terms need correcting ("free actions", "health")
Dawnbringer (5e Equipment) Gives enough charges to have the benefits effectively permanently; is there a reason that the longsword statistics are repeated here; hit point regeneration is really high - 2d4+2 hit points every turn for an hour?! No need for anyone to expend hit dice, then.
Dead King's Blade (5e Equipment) This weapon has a +3 bonus, can store up to 8 levels worth of spell slots, and has another effect in King’s Decree.
Draconic Harmony A legendary magic weapon has a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls, so this is very overpowered (and I assume that the +6 to "melee attacks" is only with this weapon, not all melee attacks.)
Dragon Thorn What. Was this supposed to be a magic weapon?
Dragonfang Longbow (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Dragonslayer (5e Equipment) Okay, so this item has a +3 bonus to attack and damage (like a regular very rare weapon), but also deals +2d8 damage and another 2d10 damage against fiends? (and "abyssal creatures" - fiends, then?) That alone pushes the boundaries of legendary. The other features are not defined satisfactorily, e.g. What does the acrobatics check of "full-frontal assault" do?
Drainblade(5e Equipment) This is not well balanced for a legendary weapon, and it should acknowledge that "oversized" is a variant rule (that I'm beginning to regret.)
Drakegun (5e Equipment) See talk page
Duelists Vest (5e Equipment) Facing is an optional rule in the DMG, so should be made to work with that. Even taking that into consideration, this breaks the upper cap of light armor AC. With a Dex bonus of +5, this grants AC 19.
Dusksong & Dawnsvoice See talk page.
Ebon Blade (5e Equipment) I see you did some wordings, but it does not fundamentally balance the weapon as a whole. For starters, why should an Ebon Blade be a specific 1d10/2d6 sword (which is unorthodox) when a holy avenger can be "any sword" with a +3 bonus? What is the rarity of Ebon Blade? What about the constant hit point regeneration that disregards hit point economy? See talk page for more comments.
Fate and Fortune (5e Equipment) Rolling a d100 on every attack roll for an effect that rarely occurs is hardly good design.
Finisher (Scythe) Compare to the very rare scimitar of speed. Also why is the subtype halberd if this si supposed to be a scythe?
Fists of Balance (Regressed) This listed as nonmagical even though it is clearly magical and would ideally be listed as a magic weapon, if not a monk archetype or variant rule. 5e doesn't have "[15/-]" damage resistance, nor a "knuckle" weapon type.
Forge Breaker (5e Equipment) The concept of this weapon does not work well in 5e, as 5e does not have weapon breaking rules anymore. See the talk page.
Giant Door Shield (5e Equipment) What is the "shield" property? Okay, even if we ignore all the special features, this is a simple one-handed weapon that deals 1d10 damage, which isn't right. Then on top of that it grants +2 AC and can hit multiple creatures dealing 3d6 damage and pushing them? Why would you choose any other weapon?
Gromril Armor (5e Equipment) Combines several magic items: armor of fire resistance (rare), armor of cold resistance (rare), and part of armor of invulnerability (legendary). This is not a mundane item. Even if it is nonmagical, it should be treated as a legendary magic item (c.f. adamantine armor)
Gun-sword (5e Equipment) 2d8 damage. The most damaging weapon in core 5e is the heavy crossbow at 1d10.
Gunchuks Why do you get two attacks. How is this faster than, say, a club (which are the statistics you use for a nunchuck). Or is it a joke?

A nunchuk is far faster than a club. Watch anything with Bruce Lee in it.

Healer's Robes (5e Equipment) Needs to be changd to a magical item
Hiltless throwing dagger (5e Equipment) Basically identical to the dagger in the SRD, except it deals more damage and costs more.
Holy Night (5e Equipment) No weapon should be able to give you levels in another class. This weapon also deals too much damage, and a glaive does not deal 2d10 damage, see glaive.
Hook Sword Needs a rewrite. Should be no better at tripping than any other reach weapon (e.g. whip), but you should be able to link them together to give it reach.
Imperial Gold Weapon (5e Equipment) What is a "wind elemental"? Is it like an air elemental? Celestial Bronze and Stygian Iron need wikilinks Is this a magic weapon or nonmagical?
Inspiration Potion (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Jewel of Fists (5e Equipment) It seems like this can be used to attain insanely high ability scores, without attunement. By comparison the manual of quickness of action is of the same rarity, but increases Dexterity (and only Dexterity) by +2 instead of +15.

The weakness imposed by this item assumes the use of targeted attacks or called shots, even though this aren't part of 5e without variant rules or DM fiat.

See talk page.
Kataima Incarnate Unclear what half of this means. "This consumes your concentration slot."? What is the "DC 8 + Strength + Proficiency + 3" of the dual whip for?
Kyuubi no Ookami Could do with rewriting to better use 5e rules (and to correct spelling and grammar.)
Longknife (5e Equipment) Variable type of damage. Also see talk page.
Machete (5e Equipment) Realism and consistence. Machete shoudn't make more damage than a scimitar. Machete is similar to kukri which also isn't a d8 weapon in this wiki.
Mask of Deformation (5e Equipment) Unclear why you would put this mask on. Do not know what a "decayed" ability score means, and other detriments have no mechanical definition. The deformities basically render the PC unplayable for an indefinite amount of time, this is not a good player experience, does not lend itself to storytelling unless the player really wanted to sit out a bunch of adventures or retire the character.
Massive Greataxe (5e Equipment) See talk page
Meteoric Greatsword (5e Equipment) How is a reach weapon that deals 6d12+12 damage even close to being balance? Isn't the point of magical items is that you find them, so couldn't you find an augmented meteoric greatsword? The weapon also has at will teleportation.
Miaodao Possibly Overpowered. It's better than before, but hasn't been playtested.
Mighty Gauntlet (5e Equipment) 5e doesn't have weapon sundering (you are thinking of 3e), and this is clearly too heavy to be a finesse weapon.
Mimic Mask What does any of this mean.
Monsoon This needs more of a balancing factor than cost. Why not use the burst property? Also "light crossbow" isn't a category. Is this simple ranged or martial ranged?
Necklace of zeus blood This needs completely rewriting. The traits are just not right in the way they are worded or with their mechanical effects.
Needle Gun (5e Equipment) Surely this should be a renaissance item? The cost doesn't seem correct in comparison to the DMG firearms. The reloading special rule doesn't make sense. How can be both a rifle but also fire musket balls?
POTATO! (5e Equipment) Not even... I can't... what?
Phantom Disaster (5e Equipment) It is a poor design choice to make each attack separate into 4 arrows, since that is 4 times as many attack and damage rolls you need to make. An enemy of an enemy is also overpowered.
Placebo Enhancer (5e Equipment) See talk page
Power Armor VII (Aquila/Imperator Armour) (5e Equipment) See talk page.
Predator Hunters mask (5e Equipment) This needs to have a better grasp of 5e. This is categorized as a suit of light armor. If you wear this, that's all you're wearing. You could perhaps use the "partial armor" variant rule. You don't need to say "all attacks count as Sneak attacks". "thermal vision" and "x-ray vision" are not explained in game terms - is this for a campaign in which they are defined?
Pyromancer's Parting Flame (5e Equipment) "catalyst" is not a base weapon type. Doesn't explain what the "+2" is or what a "fist weapon" is. "fire-based spells". "Constantly equipped" and "while you are attuned to it" are already assumed. Doesn't define (as usual with homebrew items) what has a "soul" and can I carry a bag of rats, killing some whenever I want to top up to maximum?; "'dodge' flame"? Try using wording similar to the rogue's Evade feature.
Razen Blade (5e Equipment) The bulk of this text describes how the weapon is made, which is nice, but magic item creation is a campaign-level process determined by the DM (see the DMG). That leaves us with a +1 weapon (already an uncommon item in the DMG) with changed damage dice. It makes the most sense to do this with a dagger, it's like having a greatsword that you can dual-wield and throw and Small creature can use. I wish it were more interesting, in any case the rarity should be increased.
Redbull (5e Equipment) 8 levels of exhaustion, you say? You mean more than it takes for you to keel over dead (6 levels)? Also, that is some hyper-accelerated exhaustion-purging, considering that normally it takes a full long rest (and some food and water) to rid yourself of one level.
Rhumnam (5e Equipment) Uh.. needs a little refinement, e.g. the +3 benefit needs writing out in full. How often can the magic missile be used? it says "6 blasts" but it has "5 slots"?
Ring of Solomon (5e Equipment) Has a lot of features and replicates the effects of a number of powerful magical rings, most of which are rare or very rare, and one is even legendary.
Rope Dart (5e Equipment) The special attacks represent specialist use of the weapon, not inherent to the weapon itself, so should be moved to a feat or a class feature.
Rune of Random Wounds (5e Equipment) "1d1000000" is probably the absurd thing to roll in tabletop game. (That's like six d10s, and overkills pretty much everything in the game.) Pretty much everything in this item is under DM's discretion, no mechanic obligation or whatsoever. Not to mention that the wordings are poorly written.
Sai Swords (5e Equipment) A hasty conversion from a 4e page. This doesn't work in 5e. Plus a sai would just be a monk weapon (simple weapon).
Samuel "Bostock" Barreller (5e Equipment) The 1500 year history puts huge onus on the DM. The weapon is extremely weak when you first get it, and has round counting, and damage counting as well?
Seed Wha is this i Can't even
Shadowrend (5e Equipment) The mechanics here are all over the place, not very "5e", and often nonsensical.
Siege Blocker (5e Equipment) So this is plate armor but there is a AC calculation based on your modifiers? This armor also gives resistance to very common damage types and mentions adamantine, which is no longer in 5e. There is also broken unarmed damage and a decrease to an ability score. Also, the augmentations seem to read as weapons is this on purpose(they give damage, spells, and one literally says it is a great sword)? There are various other problems with those as well including healing 1d25 per round(non-standard damage/healing rolls), storm damage, casting spells as bonus actions, and being generally overpowered.
Slayer Controller (5e Equipment) Controlling all dragons with no saving throws for an infinite duration is not balanced.
Slayer Destroyer (5e Equipment) "+6 weapons that deal 3X damage against dragons" shows a misunderstanding on how things are scaled in 5e, I can only recommend reading through the magic items section in the DMG and trying again.
Slinger's wand (5e Equipment) A +2 rare weapon should not have additional effects. The weapon also has a full round action and other design errors(casting a spell that requires a spell slot as a cantrip?).
Sniper Rifle (5e Equipment) No reply on talk page.
Soul Eater, variant (5e Equipment) So this weapon's curse rarely happens and in return, you get a rare +1 weapon that does not require attunement that can deal an additional 4d6 slashing damage? That is not balanced.
Spiked Gloves Okay, now it's versatile. How can a gauntlet be wielded in two hands?
Staff of Cats (5e Equipment) Saves against turning into a cat, as well as actions as turn-based mechanics are missing.
Sword of Demonkind Shouldn't this be a cursed weapon? The effect seems quite weak for a Balor to take over your body and possibly kill your PC. This weapon also uses a contested throw of charisma saving throw contested by the Balor's Wisdom throw.
Sync Masters' Wrap (5e Equipment) I feel this should have more restrictions. It's trivial to have one or more hirelings follow you playing music, you could have advantage on all "combat rolls" (do you mean attack rolls?)
Tecknik What are you trying to achieve with this? Is it Light or Two-Handed? Pick one. Is it magic? Is it for a specific campaign?
Templar's Cross (5e Equipment) What is a "smite spell"? This weapon is the same as a Holy Avenger, except it deals more damage and it lets you cast some spells and whatever this smite spell thing is but then reduces the rarity from legendary to very rare! Also needs rewriting to meet standards.
The Amulet of Control (5e Equipment) I think this was made for the wrong edition of D&D? Hmm, but it does mention bonus actions... what a mystery!
The Gauntlets of Zerthimon (5e Equipment) Since +3 weapons are very rare, we should expect a +3 legendary weapon to have some added benefit. This has permanent advantage on attack rolls against 75% of creatures PCs are likely to fight, and that's for starters. Also doesn't link to what a "ward cestus" is.
The Hybrid Blade (5e Equipment) You do not do percentage calculation in D&D. You either deal an additional damage, however small. Plus, you deal less damage when you choose necrotic damage, then why even bother to choose it in the first place?
The Ring of Power (5e Equipment) As written, this is just a worse version of the ring of invisibility. What is the DC of the check that must be "successfully completed"?
The Sword of Founding Does not fully explain what the effects of severing a limb is. Also, removing a limb 1 time in 10 is a bit overpowered, perhaps the target should be allowed a Constitution saving throw.
Thinuaran Blade (5e Equipment) See talk page
Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker (5e Equipment) The first minor beneficial property is actually pretty major. It also grants an extra attack, and is a +4. Both of these things are far outside the games norm.
Thánatos & Vita (5e Equipment) This weapon's curse should actually have a meaningful negative effect instead of giving you extra damage. Also, a +2 legendary weapon that can make an extra attack as a bonus action is not balanced, see swift rapier.
Tieren (5e Equipment) A +3 weapon that deals additional damage and allows you to cast spells all as an action is broken.
Undead LongBow The "loyal undead minion" isn't fully explained, and this should be limited to certain types of creature, and limited in how many times it can be done (or given a recharge)
Vault Suit (Shielded Lining) (5e Equipment) No armor should be able to provide 15 + your Dexterity modifier AC.
Vault Suit (Treated Lining) (5e Equipment) A plain 13 AC light armor is not balanced.
Vins Dagger (5e Equipment) KK I think it's clear that the OP hasn't read the rulebook or has mistaken it for 3rd edition.
Wabbajack (5e Equipment) To use the staff you choose a target; but then most of of the table results say "nearest creature" or "random creature" or "choose a target", etc
Wabbajack Remastered (5e Equipment) Shouldn't the wabbajack be an artefact? Anyway, this is full of non-D&D terms: "12 seconds", "30 minutes", "30 seconds"; "Heal 1d4 to every creature"; "heal 2d4"; many of the entries are poorly written or defined; has far too many charges - it might be funny once a day or so, but 8 times a day is going to get obnoxious. "Make 3 spells in one attack" doesn't make any sense. Are the "spells" the entries on the table, or are they your own spells? What is the "attack"? Are you making an attack roll?
Wheel (5e Equipment) This is blatantly superior to any martial melee weapon in terms of damage, also acting as a shield, and requiring only one hand to wield, yet has no apparent drawback.
Wilt and Bloom (5e Equipment) As with this contributor's other weapons, this just piles on the bonuses and is nonsensical in places. 2d5 damage sounds like a lot of fun to roll. Plus there is the basic fact that this is a +3 weapon if a ton of additional effects.
Wolf Knight Greatsword (5e Equipment) Seems to be a modified holy avenger with the similar concept.
Yami (5e Equipment) This weapon can literally cancel out 3 spells(non-holy whatever that definition means) of any level. There is also the basic fact that this is a +3 weapon that deals 2d6 additional damage, and has additional effects.
Yellow Jacket (5e Equipment) Original "needsbalance request" A +3 weapon is already very rare. Suggest making this legendary, or removing or reducing the bonus (you don't have to have a bonus you know). The wording doesn't make sense. ("a target marked by Yellow Jacket is prone one of the following...", huh?, and there's round counting and stuff.

Notes after balancing The text itself has been altered to make (more) sense. The following topics were added/altered to balance this item:

  • Reduced to a +2 weapon (instead of +3).
  • Added a time limit of 6 rounds for the mark (instead of no limit).
  • Added the restrictions that the marking can only be applied to 1 creature at a time and can't be reapplied when it fades (instead of no limit).
  • Reduced the dice rolls for the duration of the effect from Volatile Mix, 2 and 4 to a 1d4 (instead of a 1d6).
  • Changed Volatile Mix, Paralysis to paralyze the target (instead of the target losing consciousness and falling prone).
  • Better defined the Fright effect with the addition of a 1d20 roll to determine the state of fear.

Some suggestions/ideas for additional ways to balance are:

  • Limiting Deadly Venom so the additional damage can only be applied once per round (instead of multiple times due to extra attacks).
  • Adding the rule that the mark of the Yellow Jacket can only be applied during an Attack Action. (so not during a bonus action or reaction)
  • Allowing creatures effected by the Fright and Altered Mind effects to do a DC 16 Wisdom saving throw at that start of it's turn to snap out of it.
  • Changing it so that Deadly Venom is one of the sub-types of Volatile Mix and Double Vision becomes it's own separate effect. (Makes more sense effect-wise)

Further balancing might still be needed.

Yoru Mmmmm.... needs rewriting somewhat, see talk page


Articles with a "Needs Balance" template.
Page Name Notes
Boon of Archetypes (5e Epic Boon) now reads so that class-by-class handling is necessary.
Boon of the Steelbond (5e Epic Boon) 20th level characters are still subject to bounded accuracy. This could possibly be adapted to have a temporary or circumstantial AC bonus.
Doomed (5e Background) Design Disclaimer said: "Made to be a roleplay challenge. Doesn't have flaws because, as you'll see, the background itself is a flaw". This does not resolve the issues on the talk page. A flaw is a roleplaying suggestion, not a mechanical drawback. Furthermore, the background describes what the character is now, not what they were doing before they were an adventurer. This is so far out of background design, that it's not a case of "design disclaimer", but a case of finding better design space for it. As I suggest on the talk page, a template would be good.
Ex-Blood Doll (5e Background) roleplaying features should not have any mechanical effects whatsoever.
Paranoid Agent (5e Background) roleplaying features should not provide mechanical benefits
Revolutionist (5e Background) "short swords" is not a background proficiency, nor should backgrounds provide weapons and armour
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