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Silent Passenger

This magical collar appears to be a band of aged leather, with mystic sigils stitched on the inside. When it’s placed around the neck of a victim and a command word is spoken, its enchantment is activated. This has two effects. First, the victim cannot speak; it’s as if he is under the effect of a silence spell, but only as far as vocal sounds are concerned. This will prevent him from casting any spells with verbal components. The second effect is that an illusory appearance can be placed over the victim, as if he were under the effect of disguise self; the appearance of this illusion is determined by the person who fastens the band, and it cannot be changed once set. Both these enchantments remain in effect until the band is removed. The collar is considered to be sealed by an arcane lock, but only for purposes of keeping the wearer from taking it off; anyone else can remove the band without difficulty. The collar will magically resize to fit any Small or Medium humanoid. Fastening the collar is a complex procedure, and the victim must be unconscious, willing, or helpless; it cannot be used in combat.

Faint Abjuration and Illusion; CL 5; Craft Wondrous Item, arcane lock, disguise self, silence; Market Price: 36,000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.

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