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Arrow or Bolt
Critical: as weapon
Range Increment: -10 ft.
Damage: -2
Type: Piercing and Special
Cost: 40 gp/1 arrow or bolt
Weight: 1 lb./1 arrow or bolt


This is a specially designed arrow or crossbow bolt that has a thunderstone affixed to the tip. The thunderstone is shaped to be as aerodynamic as possible, but a thundershot bolt still has a –1 circumstance penalty to attack rolls, a –2 penalty to damage rolls, and a –10 to the normal range increment of the weapon. When the thundershot strikes a hard surface, it creates a deafening bang — a sonic attack. Creatures within a 10-foot radius must make a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be deafened. In addition to the obvious effects — no Listen checks, for example — a deaf creature suffers a -4 penalty on initiative and a 20% chance to miscast and lose any spell with a verbal component that he attempts to cast.

If the thundershot strikes an unarmored creature, it will not detonate. If it strikes a creature wearing light armor or with a natural armor bonus of up to +3, there is a 35% chance it will detonate. If the creature is wearing medium armor or has a natural armor bonus or +4 or +5, there is a 60% chance it will detonate. It will always detonate if it strikes a target wearing heavy armor or with a natural armor bonus of +6 or greater, or if it hits a hard inanimate object.

Raw Materials Cost: 13 gp; Craft (alchemy): DC 25; Craft (fletcher): DC 16

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