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Orcish for “strong brew,” strolga is a powerful stimulant. A vial of strolga will allow a Small or Medium humanoid to go without sleep for a thirty-six-hour period, with no ill effects whatsoever. A double dose will have the same effect on a Large creature. After this period, you must let another thirty-six hours pass before you can safely take strolga again. If you use the drug before this time has passed, you must make a Fortitude save (DC 18) or fall into a coma for 12 hours. Each subsequent use adds an additional thirty-six hours to the time that must pass before you can safely take the stimulant again. Each time you take strolga without resting since the last dose, you take a cumulative –3 penalty on your Fortitude save.

Strolga is a development of orcish adepts; it is generally only found in nations with a significant goblinoid population, and the herbs required to brew it may not be found in every nation.

Price: 45 gp; Raw Materials Cost: 15 gp; Craft (alchemy): DC 23; Weight: 0 lbs.

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