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See Powers for power lists for all classes.

Classes without an improving, reviewing, or removing template present.

Name Role Source Description
Arachnomancer Controller Arcane You exert control over the battlefield by commanding loyal hordes of your spider minions.
Blood Mage Striker Arcane You manipulate the blood around you to form powerful weapons and to create unseen assailants. Through the use of pulse acceleration or deceleration you can destroy your foes and aid your allies. You lean towards leader as a secondary roll.
Conjuration (4e Mage School)
Crusader Striker, Defender Divine, Martial With your Combat Maneuvers and Seals, you unleash mighty blows to enemies, and goad them into attacking you instead of vulnerable comrades.
Demon Arm Striker/Defender Shadow. Your goal is to kill everything before they can hit your allies
Demonologist Leader Arcane You exert leadership over the battlefield by commanding loyal hoards of demons.
Dracomancer Controller Draconic (Arcane) Your half-dragon form gives you access to powers that provide control at close range, while your humanoid form allows you to hinder your opponents from a distance. Depending on your choice of class features and powers, you might lean toward either striker or leader as a secondary role.
Duelist Striker Martial You take down the enemies with big weapons or two blades.
Elemental Swordsman Striker Arcane and Martial The Elemental Swordsman uses the power of the elements to increase his own physical prowess and strike out with immense damage.
Elementalist Striker Arcane You strike down enemies with pure blasts of elemental energy, and become a deadly point-blank storm when they come too close.
Lioneer Defender/Striker Martial/Primal Your lion spirit inspires you defend your allies, but when you need to go on the offensive, you literally tear apart your enemies.
Long Arm Striker Martial, Primal The Long Arm specializes in melee and Mid ranged attacks with his/her Spear, Polearm, or Poleaxe.
Oracle Leader Primal You invoke your powers to aid your allies in battle
Pierrot Defender Martial and Arcane Pierrots are masters at annoying enemies and drawing attention
Sage Striker Arcane You manipulate souls to deal massive damage and cause debilitation. You lean towards either Controller or Leader as secondary roles.
Samurai Defender. Martial You are Strong, Tough and an Expert in Combat Tactics. Your prowess in melee combat keeps opponents focused on you.
Sumo Wrestler Defender Martial Unlike other warriors, you do not use heavy armor or rely of the usage of weapons. You have trained until your body becomes the perfect weapon, able to crack boulders and bend the strongest of metals.
Templar Defender Martial You are a noble warrior who believes in all that is just and punishing evil.
Warmage Controller Arcane You are as perfectly able to offer ranged support to your comrades as you are able to lead the offensive, weapon blazing with power and a presence that demands to be answered by your foes; all the while, however, you're tweaking the odds in your favor whether by manipulating the battlefield or the enemies themselves.

Classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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