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Blood Mage[edit]

Those who fear its power shun blood magic and ostracize its practitioners, but I am not afraid to unlock my true potential.
—Malarch, Wandering Wizard, The Secrets of the World
Class Traits
Role: Striker.
Power Source: Arcane.
Key Abilities: Constitution, Charisma, Intelligence
Armor Proficiencies: Cloth
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple Melee, Simple Ranged, Military Melee
Implements: Wands, Staffs, Orbs
Bonus to Defense: +1 to Fortitude. +1 to Will.
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 4 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Arcana.  From the class skills list below, choose three more trained skills at 1st level.
Class Skills: Bluff (Cha), Diplomacy (Cha), Endurance (Con), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Insight (Wis), Religion (Int)
Build Options: Dominant Blood Mage, Anarchic Blood Mage
Class Features: Blood Lust, Blood Ritual, Tainted Blood

Blood Mages use the power of blood, both theirs and that of their enemies, to damage, manipulate and heal. They must often keep their ways secret, for blood magic is rejected by much of society. Those who do learn blood magic learn most often from ancient texts, in addition to dangerous experiments and rituals. Many die pursuing this art, and many still go mad from the taint that comes with such power. Blood mages are power hungry, unpredictable and dangerous. Some blood mages choose to use their powers for manipulation; controlling the actions of their enemies and using their blood to heal the blood mage and its allies; others instead take the path of unbridled destruction.


Characteristics: Primarily strikers, blood mages do not fear danger and take many risks as they damage themselves as well as their enemies, taking advantage of bloodied foes and using their own wounds to increase damage output.
Religion: Blood mages almost never worship good or lawful good deities.
Races: Blood mages are most often found amongst the human and tiefling races, but blood mages of other races exist as well.

Creating a Blood Mage[edit]

When unlocking the secrets of blood magic, one of two rituals are performed. The first is the ritual of chaos; the blood mages that perform this ritual use blood magic for destruction. The second is the ritual of dominance, which gives the blood mage physical control over blood.

Anarchic Blood Mage[edit]

This build synchronizes best with the ritual of chaos. You use your magic to deal heavy amounts of damage to opponents. You steal health from your friends, yourself, and enemies to increase the damage of your spells. Many of your attacks target multiple enemies, which causes you to lean toward controller as a secondary roll. Constitution should be your primary ability, as it is the main source of attack and damage. Intelligence should be a second, because it helps with spells related to the Ritual of Chaos. Charisma works as a third ability if you wish to take some support oriented powers.

Suggested Feat: Arcane Cuts (Human Feat: Enraged Blood Lust )
Suggested Skills: Endurance, Religion, Intimidate
Suggested At-Will Powers: Syphon Blood, Open Wounds
Suggested Encounter Power: Bloodletting
Suggested Daily Power: Fountain of Blood
Dominant Blood Mage[edit]

This build sacrifices a bit of damage to reduce the amount you take from yourself and your friends. Your powers instead use your blood and the blood of your enemies to heal your friends and yourself as well. This build also allows you to position your enemies in a way that makes your allies more able to deal damage. You lean towards leader as a secondary roll and use constitution as your primary ability. You should take the Ritual of Dominance and make charisma your second best score, using it to heal yourself and your allies. Intelligence is a practical tertiary ability score if you want do deal some area damage every now and then.

Suggested Feat: Battle Link (Human Feat: Vengeful Blood )
Suggested Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Heal
Suggested At-Will Powers: Blood Syphon, Blood Control
Suggested Encounter Power: Grave Robber
Suggested Daily Power: Corrupt Blood

Blood Mage Class Features[edit]

All Blood Mage share these class features.

Blood Magic: If you hit a bloodied enemy with a Blood Mage power, you deal 1d6 extra damage. This increases is +2d6 at level 11, and +3d6 at level 21. This bonus damage can only be applied once per round. If an enemy is not bloodied, you can choose to cut yourself to gain this blood magic damage bonus, in which case you lose hit points equal to the extra damage inflicted.

Blood Lust: Continual use of blood magic allows one to sense blood, but when blood is sensed a Blood Mage experiences an almost insatiable craving to spill it. You can sense the presence and position of bloodied creatures that are up to five squares away. No further information about the creature may be known other than what square it is in. As long as there is a bloodied creature within five squares you gain a +1 bonus to attack roll and a -1 penalty to will if you chose the Ritual of Chaos or to reflex if you chose the Ritual of Dominance. You may spend a healing surge as a minor action at any time during an encounter to end both the beneficial and detrimental effects of this class feature for the remainder of the encounter.

Tainted Blood: Indulgence in such dark magic comes with a price; the corruption of the caster's blood. You cannot spend healing surges while bloodied unless a blood mage power allows you to spend a healing surge, but while you are bloodied you may spend a minor action once per turn to add a 1d6 bonus to a damage roll from one of your powers that has the blood magic keyword. When you are bloodied an adjacent ally can spend a surge to heal you for one half your surge value.

Blood Ritual: You have the ritual casting feat as well as a book with one ritual in it. This ritual can either be the Ritual of Chaos or the Ritual of Dominance. Some powers have special effects depending on which ritual you chose. These rituals can be performed using one half liter of blood as ritual components. This blood can be from any creature. Both last for 24 hours and both take 10 minutes to perform. Ritual of Chaos: While this ritual is in effect you may re roll an attack roll once per encounter. Ritual of Dominance: While this ritual is in effect you may force an enemy within 10 squares to re roll an attack roll once per encounter. Regardless of which ritual you chose you gain the following benefit. When you perform any ritual requiring a check you may lose a healing surge to gain a +5 bonus to the skills check. This bonus increases to 10 at level 11 and 15 at level 21.


A Blood Mages powers are called spells and are channeled through blood. A list can be found Blood Mage Powers (4e Power List).

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