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Zealot [General][edit]

You believe in your gods, and you do so with great devotion and faith, so much so that you cannot conceive of why others would do different.
Prerequisite: Must worship a deity that is not the Great Mother, Era, Mara, Jubila, Undine, or Isis. Alternatively, it must not be a deity who would particularly be against such zealotry.
Effect: A Zealot cannot help but believe that his deity is the greatest, the most true, and the moral, rational, and logical choice of all deities to worship, and thus condescends and looks down upon, and even persecutes in more extreme cases, worshipers of other deities at every possible turn, due to their obscene devotion. A Zealot is forced into fairly aggressive interaction whenever another entity even references another deity or its policies, seeking almost instinctively to dismiss or deconstruct it on any basis, though it is always without any hesitation or sense of tact. This causes an instant negative shift in disposition of other characters by one level, instigating hostilities if their disposition is low already. If conversation can continue, the Zealot may roll a will save with a DC equal to 15 plus the Zealot's HD to cease the dispute; If he fails, the Zealot continues, dropping another disposition level. A Zealot, no matter what the current situation, may never choose to willingly disengage without penalty, though in times of serious crisis, he may benefit from a circumstantial bonus to his Will Save, at DM discretion.
Roleplaying Ideas: A man on the corner sits, covered in robes, inspecting a tome he holds within his wrinkled hands. The streets are crowded as always, and soon an acquaintance passes by. "What have you there, Jarvus?" He asks, stopping for a moment. "A herald. The brothers were giving them out, today. It's something to read." He replies. His statement has found perch in another set of ears, however, as a man who was sitting nearby suddenly speaks, "Brothers? Of Balthazar? They're but pitiful scoundrels, worshiping the shadows of their weak god. You waste your time even reading that." The man named Jarvus furrows his brow, turning a glance towards the unwanted opinion's source.

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