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Cost: 25,000 caps
Weight: 35 metric tons
Speed: 625 ft. (84 mph) flying; maximum altitude of 10,000 ft; accelerate 90 feet (9 mph) per round; ascend/descend 625 ft. (84 mph) per round
Carrying Capacity: 70 metric tons.

Only finalized a few months before Great War, very few of these VTOL aircrafts were ever completed. Those that were excelled at fast response deployment of power armor troops. They were produced after the war by the Enclave, and on continued to be produced by the Brotherhood of Steel on the East Coast and NCR on the West Coast. As a VTOL aircraft, they can ascend and descend vertically. It has an internal nuclear engine capable of fueling it for decades of sustained flight.

Size. Huge
AC. 15 All
Hit Points. 200
Damage Threshold 17
Crew and Passengers. 1 pilot; 2 gunners; 16 passengers.

An NCR vertibird.

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