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Variant Rules[edit]

The following are writeups and links to various variant rules this campaign should use.

One Currency System[edit]

While various currencies act in a vacuum mechanically in 5e, in canon they are something of a universal lifeforce. This variant rule is intended to bring that concept into reality.

Spell Slot Ki Cost
1st level 1 ki
2nd level 2 ki
3rd level 3 ki
4th level 4 ki
5th level 5 ki
6th level 8 ki
7th level 10 ki
8th level 12 ki
9th level 15 ki

Additional Weapon Properties[edit]

  • Long Reload - Similar to the reload property, a limited number of shots can be made with a weapon that has the long reload property. A character must then reload it using an action, or may use their bonus action to reload a single shot.
  • Spread - A weapon with the spread property fires multiple projectiles with a single pull of the trigger. On a hit, roll the die listed in the weapon's spread property. The weapon's damage is dealt to the target a number of times equal to the spread die's roll.

Simple Exhaustion[edit]

When a creature gains a level of exhaustion, rather than its traditional effects, they gain a -1 penalty to any d20 rolls they make, and for every even-numbered level of exhaustion a creature gains they also gain a -5 ft. penalty to their movement speed. If a creature has at least 10 levels of exhaustion, they immediately drop to 0 hit points and can not regain hit points until they have fewer than 10 levels of exhaustion. If a creature has at least 15 levels of exhaustion, they are killed instantly.


A creature is not locked to one subclass for each of their classes, and can instead gain features from a different subclass each time they gain a subclass feature, though features from each subclass are still gained in order.

For example, a fighter reaches 3rd level and takes the Champion Martial Archetype, gaining Improved Critical. At 7th level, they multisubclass into the Psi Warrior Martial Archetype, gaining Psionic Power instead of Remarkable Athlete. At 10th level, they may gain Remarkable Athlete or Telekinetic Adept, or can multisubclass into yet another Martial Archetype.

Player Equivalent CR[edit]

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Additional Status Conditions[edit]

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Fair Critical Hits[edit]

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