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Hello, fellow brewers (or robots, I'm not really choosy about whoever looks at this)

It's-a-me Toshio[edit]

I'm just a regular person. I have the most familiarity with D&D 5e, but have some experience with 4e as well. I'm relatively new to the site, having joined in late 2020.


I haven't been homebrewing for that long, so my ability to create balanced creations isn't so good. However, I do my best to balance and playtest my creations.


Haven't been here too much, so not that many.


Kroot (5e Race) My first race, based off a mercenary species from Warhammer 40k.


Combat Avatar (5e Spell) A spell that allows you to make a combat avatar.


Brown Wyrm/Greatwyrm. I decided to finish off the brown dragons, adding a brown wyrm and a brown greatwyrm created using examples from the black greatwyrm, the fourth edition draconomicon for chromatic dragons, and the ancient brown dragon.

Wyrm Brown Dragon (5e Creature)
Great Wyrm Brown Dragon (5e Creature)

Orium Dragon. Another acid-based metallic dragon, with the unique ability to create a vaporous serpent from its breath weapon.

Orium Dragon Wyrmling (5e Creature)
Young Orium Dragon (5e Creature)
Adult Orium Dragon (5e Creature)
Ancient Orium Dragon (5e Creature)

Ancient Dragun. I like Enter the Gungeon.

Ancient Dragun (5e Creature)

Kroot. A cool race from Warhammer 40,000, the Kroot evolve as a way of life.

Kroot Carnivore (5e Creature): A standard Kroot warrior.
Kroot Hound (5e Creature): One of the evolutionary dead-ends of the Kroot, these ferocious hounds can drag down the toughest of foes.
Krootox (5e Creature): Another evolutionary dead-end which takes the form of a massive, rampaging beast.

Improved/fixed builds[edit]

Things others have made that I tried to fix.

Grasping Shadows (5e Spell) I do not know who made this, if I can get their name, I will credit them.
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