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Hey everyone, this is TG Cid. I'm not really active on this Wiki anymore, but I hope you enjoy my work anyway. - TG Cid 21:44, 9 February 2010 (UTC)

Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I give you this barnstar for adding a description to many base classes and PrC, thank you you were very helpful!--Lord Dhazriel 19:12, 14 June 2009 (MDT)

Jota & Cid[edit]

Base Classes

Medium: A spiritual medium capable of communicating with the dead and channeling their emotions.

Prestige Classes

Battōsai: An evolution of the tenken or a similar fighter that creates a single devastating attack by drawing the blade from its sheath.

My Contributions[edit]

Base Classes:

Jigyousho: Controller and user of plants

Frost Knight: Cold variant of Jota's Flare Knight class.

Hellfire Knight: A warrior who channels the power of the Lower Planes and manifests it as hellfire.

Blackstone Knight: Adopted, a defensive variant of the Hellfire Knight.

Empusar: A mortal (at least at first) kind of succubus/demon with a variety of different powers

Ochremancer: Transforms into an ooze (inspired by Eiji's Oozebound prestige class)

Tenken: My take on the fast moving Dexterity-based fighter class

Mystic Blade: Adopted, a base class alternative to the spellsword.

Bard: A bard that doesn't suck.

Savage: A barbarian variant that wears no armor and sacrifices defense for tremendous physical might.

Prestige Classes:

Adipose Avatar: A humanoid-turned-monster who suffers from eternal starvation.

Flying Archer: Adopted, a bowman who gains wings and an unusual shooting technique.

Twisted Visage: Adopted; a master of fear able to transform into a creature of death.

Pariah: Adopted; a wicked mortal who becomes an insidious fiend complete with massive claws.


Hydravise (3.5e Creature)


Jigyousho Feats

Miracle-Gro (3.5e Feat)

Potent Rageplant (3.5e Feat)

Improved Synthesis (3.5e Feat)

Improved Rose Whip (3.5e Feat)

Evolution of the Species (3.5e Feat)

Frost Knight Feats

Bitter Cold (3.5e Feat)

Frozen In Time (3.5e Feat)

Hypothermia (3.5e Feat)

Improved Aurora (3.5e Feat)

Shield Sledding (3.5e Feat)

Curse of Cocytus (3.5e Feat)

Ochremancer Feats

Rancorous Sludge (3.5e Feat)

Tenken Feats

Slash Step (3.5e Feat)

Sweeping Slash (3.5e Feat)

Slice & Dice (3.5e Feat)


Eldritch Beam (DnD Invocation)

Pseudologia Fantastica (DnD Flaw)

Gender Bender (3.5e Equipment)

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