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Steel Orochu:[edit]

A 23,000 year old immortal were wolf/demon prince from the land of oblivion, the plane of which resides Heaven and Hell. He became an accomplished assassin at the age of 14k and was responsible for the deaths of 16 kings. At 18 he defeated the guardians, the most powerful force known in Oblivion and in the same year took revenge on the necromancer Amneal, his father Daimond Orochu and reunited with his sister. At 19k he became an envoy of hell and broke heavens barrier sheild, allowing the demonic forces of hell to claim victory. The next half a k later he married his apprentice Kisara, a kitsune gunslinger and was 'killed' by the vengeful forces of the king Iago. His son Kaiden recovered the sword Ragnorok and defeated the fallen angel Gabriel after Lucifer and Arthmos were both slain.

Adrian Gale[edit]

The prodigal son of the soldier Hale Gale. During a defensive raid of an enemy kingdom took his fathers life. The raids prize was gained however, and the weapon that they had sought to destroy was instead delivered one night by a mysterious stranger in a white suit calling himself "Dragon". The package recived was Blasphemy, the reforged Ragnorok.


When Ikiold Killgnomes knew he was nearing the last of his days, he tried to remain seceret about his age, until the day he could finally receive a commission to do something truly great. When he was asked by a nameless king to forge a sword with the power of dragons, Ikiold finally found what he would make as the monument to his career. Marasame was finished the day of the kobolds death, ans was passed generation by generation down the nameless bloodline, until it died out when a spawn of the balor Terum slew the remainder of the nameless royal family. Marasame is made of unscathed star metal and has markings along its edge resembling the fangs of a dragon.



My contributions[edit]

4e Characters[edit]


  • Lumi
 Lumi: well, my ass IS pale enough
 Lumi: oh, well, then I won't pull it out... it can stay there, and keep him riiight where he is
 Lumi: it's always a bad touch
 * Lumi drinks DD
  • Span
Spanambula: When I woke up this morning, I did not expect to factor in the exploding penises
Spanambula: we'll see if the dice roller will be kind enough to lube my ass before it fucks me tonight.
Spanambula: the 2nd most popular holiday date rape song
Spanambula: I mean, honestly, I thought, "how hard is it to draw porn?"
Spanambula: I'm suck a goddamn softy.
  • Ehsteve
Ehsteve: i'm just waiting for span to get back on...
  • Eiji
Eiji: Don't make me fap so hard I fly into the air.
Eiji: Supersonic fapping, sonic boom!
Eiji: Greased lightning!
Eiji: Because I already had Steel.
     Eiji: Thats right, I already had him!
  • Daniel_Draco
 Daniel_Draco: Steel
              Daniel_Draco: stop trying to put your meat in my mouth
 Daniel_Draco: wtf, I am valuing 1 LA over my character's dignity
  • TK-Squared
 TK-Squared: I don't need to prove I'm right. I have the track record of being right here.
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