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Blasphemy is a +1 Fleshgrinding, Disarming, Throwing, Returning, Screaming, Whirling, Ghost touch Great sword with the Vanishing and Prismatic Burst enchantments (Effectively making it cost 2,038,000 gp). Blasphemy is unlike the previous Ragnorok due to the fact it is sized as a weapon of lesser power, has lost its pandemoniac powers as well as its evil atunement. It also has a Crystal of Adamant Weaponry imbedded into the blade, just above the hilt.

As its previous version, Blasphemy is lighter than the weapon it is sized for, making if awkward to wield for its size, making it an exotic weapon, along with other features. Blasphemy is incredibly wide as it is long. Any medium or small sized creature wielding it can gain cover as if using a tower shield. Doing so forgoes any attack actions they had available for the next round. This cannot be done if the fleshgrinding ability has been activated.

Blasphemy's damage dice total is 2d6+1d4 Screaming damage and can be thrown. Upon a critical hit uses the Prismatic spray spell.

Its Critical range is that of a standard great sword.

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