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Energy Wave
6th-level Evocation
Casting time: 1 Action
Range: Self (Line 50')
Duration: Your Turn

A pulse of Energy that blasts all Characters in The line you choose away. Choose a Direction and create a 5’ Wide Line 50’ from you in that direction all affected characters must make a Dexterity Saving throw. On Failure they are all pushed to the end of the beam and takes 3d10 Force damage. Characters heavier than 250 lbs cannot be pushed by this spell but can be collided with. On a success the must make a Strength saving throw and only take half. If they fail the strength save they are also pushed to the end, Characters lighter than 100 lbs automaticly fail, lighter than 120 have disadvantage, characters heavier than 200 lbs have advantage and characters heavier than 250 lbs automaticly succed. If they hit an Obstacle from this attack and have not reached the end they take 5d10 blugeoning from the collision (nonmagical) and 2d8 more Force Damage. If they collided but have reached the end they only take 3d10 Blugeoning and no aditional force damage. Lose Obstacles are blasted to the end of the beam and deal 1d8 Blugeoning damage to any characters they colide with as well as taking damage. Obstacles that are attached to the floor, ceiling, or walls take damage and can be broken off by characters colliding or the spell and can be pushed by it. Characters also can colide with other characters and the lighter character bounce off and takes Xd8 Blugeoning where X is the ((weight of the character other character + Wieght from armor)/ Strength of Lighter * S) Where S is the Size level of the character where 0.25 is tiny, 0.5 is small, 1 is Medium, 2 is Large, 3 is Huge, 4 is Gargantuan, Rounded down. If the result is 0 then the heavier character takes 1d8 Blugeoning and bounces off instead unless it is 250 lbs or heavier (It still takes damage). If either character is wearing studded leather or has Thorns Armor Enchantment or any Thorns Based Enchantment then the other character triggers thorns or takes 2d6 Piercing from the studded leather (effects stack like normal). Certain Objects can also deal extra of certain kinds of damage if they collide with characters. (For example a flying stalactite can deal piercing damage if its sharp point hits a character) the dm calculates damage from such objects, and determines if that damage actually happens. Weak walls can also be damaged and/or broken by the blast and rubble from that wall is treated as normal flying objects

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