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All works are in DnD 3.5, I do use some homebrew rules and I try to filter those out as I post them here, so they are closest to rules as written and easiest for you to change into your campaign, anything you take for your game please enjoy, anything you take for publish please credit me and this source, and again enjoy.

Other works[edit]


Butterfly Ninja (Uses a swarm of butterflies to aid in combat and transportation)

Dieharder (Extends use of Diehard)

Dieharder (This is a redo of the above class, the tavern suggested it be more powerful)

Diopsid Paragon (Paragon for race from Dragon Compendium)


Vampire Pantheon Diopsid Pantheon
Valkek (Greater god)

Vain (Intermediate god)

Lady Nocrat (Intermediate god)

Fatal (Lesser god)

Chigra (Lesser god)

The Great Mon Gorge (Lesser god)

Rofstein (Lesser god)

Marid (Lesser god)

Locust (Lesser god)

Altash (Demigod)

Kas (Hero)

Dipsodia (Greater god)

Debsoiip (Greater god)

Lipdiop (Intermediate god)

Rensophia (Intermediate god)

Miek (Lesser god)

Kalak (Greater god)

The Heroic Ten (Hero)

Miklic (Hero)

Sopo (Hero)


Giraffa polycephalic camelopardalis (Two-headed giraffe, CR 9 animal)

Variant Rules[edit]

Divine Rank (Definitions to Divine rank advancement)

Project: Sarosian Campaign Setting[edit]

Generally Completed[edit]

  • Character Creation
  • Classes, Races, Flaws
  • Deities
  • Magic

Mid Way Completed[edit]

  • Unique Items
  • Homebrew Notes
  • History
  • Geography
  • Quests/side activities


  • Organizations
  • Bestiary
  • About Page
  • NPC's
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