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Jay Freedman[edit]

  • Description: Your average douche-bag.


  • Age: 20's
  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Human
  • Class: Engineering Major
  • Alignment: LN
  • Nationality: United States
  • Specialization: Photoshop
  • Loves: Good Formatting and Spelling.
  • Hates: Anything Ninja, Anime, or this Shinigami-Naruto-bull****.


All the information you ever wanted on how to build a 4th edition class to its very limit. Also contains the worlds best guides to understanding class roles such as Defender, Striker, Leader, and Controller. More info then anyone should ever need about classes in 4th Edition.
All the information you ever wanted on how to build and spec your favorite Ranger. More info than anyone should ever need about how to make their Ranger a superhero. Also works amazing well for the Black Lion Homebrew Class. Who knew?


4e Classes

Optimized Builds:


Campaign Settings:

3.5e Classes

Correct Terminology[edit]

Use the correct words:

  • Broken (+3 Word): broken things make the game unplayable. This mostly includes bad rules, not bad judgment.
Example: I can use my 9th level spells at-will and indefinitely.
  • Bent (+2 Word): bent things change the game fundamentally. Experienced players are fundamentally playing a different game than beginners.
Example: I gain synergy from my feat choices and gain a (x7) Critical Hit Damage.
  • Overpowered (+1 Word): overpowered gives significantly higher than expected value. It effectively changes some aspects, but does not fundamentally change the game.
Example: My Fireball attack does enough damage to wipe out (50%) of the enemies in one round.
  • Underpowered (-1 Word): Underpowered options give significantly less than expected value.
Example: My Fireball's Splash/AOE Damage does more damage to my Allies than my Enemies.

How to Build a Class[edit]

Compare and Contrast is key:

  • What kind of role should I play in the party?:
Look at the key roles. Defender, Striker, Controller, and Support.
  • What kind of abilities should I give them at this level?:
Look at what abilities the other key classes get at that level. The Wizards spells in particular. (3.5e)
  • How can I best judge it's power?:
Playtesting and simulation. Forum browsing for already posted Playtesting results and complaints.
  • What if I've never been a DM before?:
Then you shouldn't be building anything new. ...Period.

4th Edition Abbreviation Key[edit]

  • BAB: = Base Attack Bonus
  • BDB: = Base Defense Bonus
  • Checks: = Bonus to all Skill Checks
  • NAD: = Non Armor Defenses
  • DPR: = Damage Per Round
  • Nova: = Action Point Attack + Daily Power Combo

Favorite Quote[edit]

By Ghostwheel:

Male fighters envelop their bodies in bulky, clanking plate mail. Female fighters favor stiff metal underwear.
"A male rogue will wear dark leather armor with little metal studs all over it, because nothing says "stealth" like a bunch of glittering bits of metal all over the place. Ladies in the same profession lean towards the skin-tight catsuit look, because the first step in being stealthy is apparently to make sure every able-bodied man within a hundred paces is staring at you with his mouth slightly open.
Male wizards wrap themselves in thick shapeless woolen robes that would - let's face it - collect odors at an astounding rate. These robes would most likely be heavy, and itch like a fiberglass jockstrap. On the other hand, females who practice the arcane arts wear little strips of translucent gauze over their naughty bits.
It's nice to see that when it comes to apparel, roleplaying games have a lot of equality: Everybody dresses like an idiot."
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