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Redgate, The Land of Warriors[edit]

The Land of Warriors is a dangerous land indeed. May your spear fall swiftly and may Heaven guide your steps.


Campaign Guide:[edit]

  • The Creation of Redgate: Notes on a Scandel
  • Map
  • Regions
  • Culture
  • Champions
  • Lesser Gods
  • Man Folk
  • Faerie Folk
  • Wee Folk
  • Mach Folk
  • Beast Folk
  • Martial Classes
  • Arcane Classes
  • Divine Classes
  • Unique Classes
  • Creature Types
Variant Rules
  • Spells
  • Death
  • Planes
  • Criticals
  • Full Rest
  • Caste System
Character Creation
  • The Backstory
  • The Arena
  • The Druid's Apprentice

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