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I've been playing D&D for a handful of years now. Two things got me started; My father and video games. In games I've always wanted to have a certain level of a free world kind of feel. Nothing comes close to Dungeons & Dragons in that aspect. My dad played the first edition of D&D when he was a kid, and he let me see his books. It inspired me to join the D&D club at school, of which several of my friends were already in, and get some 3e and 3.5e books. Years later I'm now interested in creating my own homebrew things for my campaigns that I'm running for friends, as well as to share them with the world.

Please be gentle, I'm new to editing on wikis... I used to frequent D&D Wiki under the username Wyrm, but I lost that account information a long time ago and have since migrated to this one. My nickname is Crow anyways, so I like it better.

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My Current Projects[edit]

The campaign setting I am going to develop fully. It is going to be an adaptable world I can (and others!) can use for many different campaigns. The world will focus on several countries (four or five) and many different factions and their overlapping struggles across three continents.

This is being re-worked into another project and more or less scrapped. Until the newest project is 100% complete, however, I will leave it accessible so I can use the information within to apply to my new world.

The Great Eight
I'm developing this campaign out of a renewed desire to fully publish a world I can adapt and construct as a I play on with my gaming companions. I also have the desire to include it as an example of my creativity, writing skills, and content creation abilities for the purpose of including in a game industry resume one day. I am using my former Tyrus as a stepping stone.
Raiders of the Lost Arcane (Endhaven Adventure)
I'm planning on building an adventure that is set in the collaborative Endhaven setting.

My Contributions[edit]

Category Creation Description
Campaign Setting World of Tyrus The small world of Tyrus is one riddled with conflict. This project has been more or less scrapped.
Campaign Setting The Great Eight A land divided up and kept stable by a five thousand year old treaty that has bent and warped over the years, but hasn't shattered... Yet.
Class: Base Shadowknight The knight who is as devoted to evil as a paladin is dedicated to good.
Armor Brigandine Brigandine armor usually leather armor, lined with small oblong steel plates riveted to the fabric.
Armor Lamellar Armor Lamellar armor consists of leather plates which are laced together in parallel rows.


  • Create Races
    • Create Black Elves (Ebony Elves)
    • Create Mouse/Rat Race
    • Create Bird Race without wings (more humanoid)
  • Create Deities
    • Create Artist Deity (Song, Art, Word, Charm, Luck)
      • Create Art Domain

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