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This creature was created as part of the Player Equivalent CR variant rule using the Naruto: Shinobi (5e Class) class and Genin (5e Background) background, and as such does not follow traditional CR.

Urashiki Otsutsuki[edit]

Medium humanoid (Otsutsuki), lawful neutral

Armor Class 29 (Natural Armor)
Hit Points 272 (32d8 + 128)
Speed 115 ft.

10 (+0) 20 (+5) 18 (+4) 20 (+5) 10 (+0) 10 (+0)

Saving Throws Str +8, Dex +13
Skills Arcana +13, History +13, Intimidation +8, Perception +14
Senses passive Perception 24
Languages Common
Challenge 26 (90,000 XP)

Chakra. Urashiki has 66 chakra points which he can expend. All chakra points are regained at the end of a long rest.

Otsutsuki Chakra. Urashiki has 50 additional chakra points which he can expend. These chakra points can be regained as a bonus action for 5 chakra not granted by this feature.

Evasion/Endurance. When Urashiki is targeted by an area effect that lets him make a Dexterity or Constitution saving throw to take only half damage, such as fireball, he instead takes no damage if he succeeds on the saving throw, and only half damage if he fails the save.

Ninja Speed. Urashiki can take the dash, dodge, and disengage actions as a bonus action, and can move along vertical surfaces.

Otsutsuki Speed. Urashiki has advantage on Dexterity saving throws.

Byakugan. Urashiki can see in 360 degree vision in a 15 foot radius, can not be surprised while conscious, and can see through objects that would not block his Chakra Sense.

Chakra Sense. When Urashiki takes the search action, he may also attempt a DC 13 Perception check to locate living creatures and magical effects within 60 feet. He see a faint outline around the detected chakra source and what school of magic or chakra nature the magical effect was created from, or one that the creature can use if any, can be discerned by him. This effect can penetrate most barriers, but is blocked by 2 feet of stone, 2 inches of common metal, 1 inch of lead, or 6 feet of wood or dirt.

Dying Breath. At the beginning of each of Urashiki's turns that he is unconscious, he may ignore the condition and immediately take a turn. At the end of his turn, he gains 1 level of exhaustion. If he was unconscious from having 0 hit points, he does not make a death saving throw at the beginning of that turn, and he regains the unconscious condition and gains a failed death saving throw at the end of his turn.

Yomotsu Hirasaka. Urashiki may spend 8 chakra to cause any effect he causes to be cause anywhere within 30 ft. of him.


Multiattack. Urashiki can make 3 unarmed strike or Amanohabaya fishing rod attacks.

Unarmed Strike. Melee Weapon Attack: +16 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 21 (5d4 + 8) magical bludgeoning damage.

Amanohabaya Fishing Rod. Melee Weapon Attack: +18 to hit, range 25/30 ft., one target. Hit: 17 (2d6 + 10) force damage. This weapon ignores cover. On a hit, Urashiki may chose to forego dealing damage to instead reduce their chakra by the amount of damage he would've dealt, regaining an equal amount of chakra.

Amanohabaya. Momoshiki creates up to 3 weapons. They have +2 to attack and damage rolls, and they deal force damage. If he makes more than 3 weapons, any earlier weapons are destroyed.

Otsutsuki Flight (4 Chakra). As a free action, Urashiki gains a flying speed equal to his movement speed. Urashiki must spend 1 chakra at the end of each of his turns to maintain this effect.

Natural Chakra Suppression. As a free action, Urashiki can not be sensed by chakra sense, but he can not cast jutsu, though he can maintain them, for 1 minute (concentration).

Palm Bottom (1+ Chakra). Melee Weapon Attack: +16 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: the target is stunned until the end of their next turn. For every additional chakra point spent, the target takes an additional 2 force damage.

Chakra Disruption (2 Chakra). One creature within 5 ft. must attempt a DC 21 Constitution saving throw. On a failure, the target cannot cast spells of 1st level or higher or use any Jutsu feature that uses chakra until the end of Urashiki's next turn. However, it may continue to concentrate on spells or Jutsu that it cast before being affected by Chakra Disruption.

Heavy Palm (1 Chakra). As a bonus action after hitting with an unarmed attack, the target must succeed a DC 21 Constitution saving throw or be stunned until the end of Urashiki's next turn.

Amenosubaruboshinomikoto. Ranged Spell Attack: +16 to hit, range 45 ft., twelve targets. Hit: 12 (1d8 + 8) force damage.

Amenosubaruboshinomikoto: Gyokkō (24 Chakra). All creatures in a 25 foot cone must succeed a DC 21 Constitution saving throw or take 62 (12d8 + 8) force damage.

Amenosubaruboshinomikoto: Ryūgū (24 Chakra). Every creature in a 20 ft. radius within 45 feet of Urashiki must succeed a DC 21 Constitution saving throw or take 62 (12d8 + 8) force damage. On a success, they take half as much damage.

'Basic Ninjutsu Technique (1 Chakra). As a bonus action, Urashiki can move across liquid surfaces as if they were solid. If he is submerged, he rises to the surface of the liquid at a rate of 60 feet per round.

Chakra Transfer Technique (1+ Chakra). One creature that Urashiki touches gains a number of chakra points equal to this jutsu's cost. This chakra can extend above the target's maximum, and Urashiki may grant them the ability to cast 1 jutsu that he knows until they lose any chakra he granted them, but they must spend at least 1 chakra he granted them on this jutsu. A creature may only learn 1 jutsu in this way from any single creature. The target loses 1 chakra point gained above their maximum in this way at the end of each of their turns, and all chakra gained in this way at the end of a short or long rest.

Body Flicker (3 Chakra). Urashiki's movement speed doubled, and his movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Kaimon (25 Chakra). Urashiki creates a 5 foot wide swirling hole in space anywhere within 30 feet of him that lasts until the beginning of his next turn. Up to 18 creatures can travel through the Kaimon to any one precise location or creature in any dimension or plane of existence that he knows of his choice.

Chakra Edible Creation. Urashiki converts the body of a dead creature into a crimson, pill- to baseball-sized, heart-like fruit. After eating it, a creature regains a number of chakra equal to twice the creature's CR. Urashiki may divide one edible into multiple edibles.

Temporal Rewind (7 Chakra). As a free action on his turn, Urashiki gains advantage on any attack rolls and saving throws he makes until the beginning of his next turn.


Substitution (3+ Chakra). When Urashiki is hit by an attack and would take damage, he decreases the damage by 33 (1d10 + 28) and teleports up to 15 ft. in any direction to an unoccupied space, during which he takes the Hide action. A generic object is left in his place and he takes any remaining damage from that attack. Urashiki can reduce this damage by an additional 5 (1d10) points per chakra point spent over the initial cost.


Urashiki is best described as genuine. In contrast to his companions Momoshiki and Kinshiki, Urashiki is incredibly care-free and jovial, feeling no need to hide such emotions, or to uphold any form of regality. Likewise, he is incredibly sadistic; while Kinshiki had no qualms with targeting civilians, Urashiki actively enjoys it. He has been known to compliment those he find commendable, a quality almost unknown to the Ōtsutsuki. Despite this, he is still incredibly loyal, willing to withhold his desires to follow the laws of the clan. When the Otsutsuki attacked Earth in search of the traitor Kaguya, and any potential remnants of Isshiki, they instead found Naruto Uzumaki. While clearly not their target, he strangely bore the vast majority of her chakra. However, while his comrades attempted to reclaim his fragment of her chakra, Urashiki became fascinated by the concept of such a thing happening to an Otsutsuki, seeking out other fragments, ambushing Gaara. Later, long after Momoshiki's defeat]], Urashiki attempted to absorb the entire One-Tails, but was stopped by Sasuke and Boruto. With no other options, he opened a portal to the past with his Rinnegan. However, now with backup from Jiraiya and a much younger Naruto, drastic measures had to be taken if he planned on winning.

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