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Lucan is a continent/country consisting of two large islands and two much smaller islands. The entire country is a loose monarchy with many cities semi to fully autonomous. All races maintain their own armies while there are three distinct Navies (Halflings and Elves share a navy, as do Dwarves and Gnomes. Half-Orcs and Half-Elves can be found on all ships). All have pledged to come to the aid of the central monarchy if needed.

A draconic presence is evident to those who know what to look for. Many animals and people have draconic ancestors, making the book Dragon Magic useful for the DM and for PCs. Also, it is not unknown for temples to draconic deities, sized for use by dragons, to be present on the continent. All this being said, seeing a dragon in its natural form is still rare. All dragons in this setting have the ability to change their shape so it is often impossible to know if you have met a dragon or not.

The draconic presence even extends so far as to include the Monster races present. Lizardfolk have completely wiped out the Orcs and have taken their place in the "food-chain" that is adventuring. Their adaptations have allowed them to claim roughly 10% of the continent as their own and some tribes have even developed trade with the more "civilized" races. It is not known whether Orcs still exist, though if they do, they are very adept at hiding their presence.


The following cities are found on the continent:


Used to be a small village with a large problem. A Green Dragon lived in an abandoned tower outside of town until it was slain by three local stablehands (A Human Bard 15 (Calyn Carduk), Half-Elf Rogue 15, and Human Adept 17). The Dragon's skull now serves as the namesake of the Dragon's Head Inn, which is run by the adept. The Bard opened up the Bardic College where the best and brightest Bards are trained. This makes information rather easy to come by in Aestival. An good way to represent this is to lessen the DC of gather information checks to find out items that are likely known by bards by 5. The Rogue and the Bard are often seen performing (d20 +20 and +29 respectively) at the Dragon Head's Inn nightly.

Eagle's Roost

Gnomish Central City.


The "town" is actually the monastery and a few surrounding buildings. The only place to receive training in the ways of the Monk on the continent, Ara is an oasis in the middle of a vast desert. Many of the trainees spend time out in the desert without food or water to toughen themselves. The monastery's remote location means that not many travelers just "stop-by" for a visit. You do not cross the desert unless you truly wish to stay a while in Ara.


The main Dwarven City on the continent, Khazport is a port city carved out of the rocky, seaside cliffs. A major merchant port specializing in stonecraft, it is also the base for the Dwarven Navy. The City is a haven for pirates though as the local government has made an agreement that dwarven merchant ships are to be left alone and the local officials will not prosecute known pirates. This makes it rather likely that PC's will be pickpocketed (10% chance each day, roll a d100) by a rogue of at least level 3 (assume max ranks for level and a dex mod of 3).


The capital city of the entire country of Lucan, it is the most racially diverse of all the cities on the continent. Ruled by the Much beloved King Gardear, Rea is a city of great beauty surrounded by a large forest (#### miles in each direction) which provides a natural defense for the city. Legend holds that each race made their own unique contribution to both the city proper and to its defenses. These defenses can be activated at a moments notice, though this has only occured once in the city's history.

The contributions of all the races means that the city combines the beauty of Elven architecture with the stonework of the Dwarves, the ingenuity of the Gnomes with the utility of the Halflings, all combined with the adaptiveness of Humans.


Thysan is a city hidden in an ancient forest and is, naturally, the home of most of the Elves in Lucan. Thysan is all but autonomously run by the Queen Kattarina. It is a port city, but not as bustling as all of the others as the elves lack the sheer number of trading vessels possessed by the other races. Many more merchants have decided to use Thysan as their eastern port of call of late lately though, especially since the port city of Querca became a haven for pirates.

Thysan is also home to a disproportionate number of Halflings as they share a Navy with the Elves (50% chance that any Halfling in the city is a member of the Navy).


The city of Drakenport is not legally a part of the country of Lucan. This is because of it being the main stronghold for the Pirates of Lucan. Ruled by an elected leader (captain of one of the numerous ships), Drakenport is actually an abandoned Dwarven citadel found on a volcanic, crescent shaped island in the north of the sea between the two main islands. The city is protected by a natural bottleneck formed by the island, and preventing many ships from entering the harbor. This bottleneck is artificially modified by the wrecks of many ships left from the great Wars between the Lucan Navies and the pirates. This modified bottleneck leaves only 2 miles of passable water as the entrance to the Drakenport harbor. It also allows a much smaller force of pirates to protect the city.


A Semi-permanent Halfling settlement in a desert. It is one of the most racially two dimensional cities on the entire continent. The city was much more mobile in the past, but the caravans found a steady source of water in the desert and decided to stay in that spot most of the year.



A small town with a wonderful view. Not very tolerant of non-human races.



Lucan Inlet


Other Sites of Interest[edit]

These are areas or sites that do not qualify as towns, but are important enough to warrant their own entry

Isles of the Arcane

#### mile Bridge


Say hello to the VIP's of Lucan.

King Gardear (DnD NPC)

Queen Kattarina(DnD NPC)

Dace Silverside (DnD NPC)

Calyn Carduk (DnD NPC)

Technical Stuff for the DM[edit]

Some useful books for the DM using this setting are

Dragon Magic



Anytime you might use Orcs in your campaign, replace them with Lizardfolk. This is because of the relentless slaughter the Orcs suffered at the hands of adventurers and others.

All dragons possess the ability to change shape

Homebrew Deities[edit]

These are deities used in this setting that are, well, home brewed

Hallend (DnD Deity)

Adventure Hooks[edit]

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